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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P208.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Other forums are talking about this stuff too - but we want forums discussing direction: for example David Cameron has said people showing wilful neglect will get 5 years jail - but we need WILFUL NEGLECT DEFINED - IN DEFINITIVE TERMS - no more loopholes!!!!!!!

In this case - we need action: why did the police not pursue the case?? EU law states they ought to have done; if the tapes had not gone public - this would have all been put to bed already; yet it is illegal that the tapes went public ?????
 Quoting: redhouserebel

Willful Neglect, sounds like a way to put people in jail for 5 years who WILL do something about it, as opposed to going after the ones who are causing it.

If the police do not get involved, then what actions can they take?

It's almost like they can inflict a sentence upon anyone if it isn't up to par with standards they haven't defined.

I predict some blackmailing, accompanying this new mandate....

You will probably find the ones that dig too deep will be out of the job. David Cameron is just pacifying the public and protecting his friends.
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