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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P209.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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TY Redhouserebel Xx
 Quoting: MsMc

I just wish I had names and photos and evidence to post up all over the place - if I had it - I would. It is time for the silence to end.

The past few years we have seen breakthroughs of some sorts - they say - pedaphile group smashed - 300 people arrested - worldwide etc - or man caught with 10 hard-drives full of pedo porn or man caught with 2 million images of child abuse - WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN?????????????? Think about it - this is off the scale of insanity. We have seen teachers caught in abuse cases - nursery school teachers - doctors - working with cancer children - it is like a disease spreading its tentacles to every vulnerable place - and none of this stops these groups operating; I have seen that the head of interpol was caught on pedo charges - the head of CEOPS - the dude in america head of stopping this kind of stop - but still they persist - through every level of our societies - so much needs to be done.
 Quoting: redhouserebel

Its a network. These aren't isolated incidents. Some person goes from work place to workplace recruiting initiates.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30728137

They are recruited through the abuse received, it is a perpetual motion abomination.

If you research you will see, most abusers were abused in one fashion or another, and coincidentally the same statement fits a satanist, most satanists were abused.

Then if we look at what the actual satanic rituals envoke and perpetuate it begins to make sense why whole areas are subverted.

It is occult ic magic, a thoughtform, a group thoughtform which is an egregore, this is a surrounding presence of the culmination of all the combined thoughts and emotions of those involved in the rituals, they are supercharging an idea and it seeps in to the common man, believe it or not, they are using a sort of magic, black magic, and with it they are subverting the collective unconscious of the humans within the area their egregores cover.

An example of an egregore altering how we think could be something as simple as wearing a safety helmet when riding a push bike, back in the sixties that was literally unheard of, now it is frowned upon for not wearing one, the egregore surrounding that idea prompts the ones under it's wing, using fear as a tool to implant it's programming.

Look up the fallen archangel rites.

Look up chosen ones breeders.

This is one of the main rituals a satanic pedophile uses, this is feeding the egregore and embedding it to oversee the area the ritual happened in.

The human torus has two poles, the entimode bone, and the coccyx, both of these bones contain magnetite, when they pierce the membrane of the anal canal they are with the ritual, opening or more, piercing the veil, from there anything can enter the child, and will subvert the child to perpetuate the horrendous acts perpetrated upon them.

Imagine how hard it is not just to fight your thoughts, but finally understand they are not yours but the system you found yourself placed within, this is so so important.

If you research a pedophile who is attempting therapy you will see they often talk of the prompts they recieve, that they argue and fight with their thoughts, THIS IS THE EGREGORE and it subverts from the inside.

Hence why whole areas are under the spell of the diversion of the natural.

None of this side the rituals and what they cause to happen will ever truly be made public, because it opens up Pandora's box and push all of the vile things out in to the open to be cleansed with the hope we have of a better future for our children and their children.
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