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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P191.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Sorry if this has already been picked up in the earlier pages, but it needs to be noted that the IPCC is NOT investigating; Scotland Yard IS INVESTIGATING ITSELF. The IPCC is merely overseeing that investigation. So you have a London Police force investigating a London Police force with the regulators merely ticking boxes to show that processes have been followed.

There is no independant inquiry here and the BBC will not pursue the inquiry process with any vigour. The MSM new this was happening at the time but none of them investigated, just reported what they were told too. We are still in the same position of being placeted by the BBC and others telling us that everything is now in hand. It's not. Does anyone really believe that if the offices of government will use the OSA to cover up for a back bench MP they won't if leads to a current serving Minister?
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