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Kremlin reports that Roman Abramovich makes special flight from Russia to congratulate Netanyahu per

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8300541
United States
03/18/2015 12:29 AM
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Kremlin reports that Roman Abramovich makes special flight from Russia to congratulate Netanyahu per
Reports circulating the Kremlin say that Abramovich flew in from Russia late Monday evening to personally congratulate Netanyahu. The billionaire then flew back to Moscow same day to brief Putin on his next assignment for the camera, then called Epstein to see if he still had Clinton and Obama blackmailed to the teeth... then the "voting" tally is played on repeat upon Rupert Murdoch's fox news for three days straight all across the USA. Meanwhile, Abramovich flies his Gulfstream to Ukraine to brief navy seals on their next mission. Marc Zuckerberg is there for moral support, "ya get em good! Put em in a body bag johnny!", then isis supporters in Chicago start posting twitter videos threatening to kill security guards at mall of america if nutenyau doesn't suck Obamas big black dick... Meanwhile, another 12 year old Russian camgirl is sold by her family for five G's to giselle maxwell as a gift to ellen degeneres. Ellen tires of her once reaching age 13, so after Oprah has a go at her, she punts her off to a cabal of 80 year old reptilian hedge fund bankers in palm beach flawida; they all have an orgy on film and splice in half frames of the debauchery into reruns of Seinfeld being played on hulu, who the viewersm"just LOVE that seinfeld! I don't know what it is!" in their best erratic hand-waving impersonation of the show - the new mode of discourse for over half of americans post 2001 - just waving their hands around while sitting in cafes making benign ironic observations in between half frames of teen Russian exploit snuff films and hepatitis commercials by a pharmy company in china that is also managed by abramovich, distributed out of new jersey.