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Anonymous Coward
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03/19/2015 02:11 PM
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tinypic ^ | 3-2015 | dfu

Posted on 3/19/2015, 12:32:20 PM by doug from upland

3 - Is this Muslim woman her lesbian lover?
4 - Hid these records from Rose Law Firm work
8 - Some believe that she is the daughter of this resident of Hades
9 - Carrying two communications devices while Sec of State was just too darned ____________
12 - HILLARY! __________ is the documentary film that chronicled her massive campaign finance fraud from 2000
14 - As Carly Fiorina says, this is an activity, not an accomplishment
15 - Everything she does, she claims she is doing for the ________
16 - To control info and thwart investigations, Hillary did this to email
18 - Still has many questions to answer regarding the death of four Americans at this embassy
20 - When she and her husband left the White House, she stole the __________
23 - In 2000 Senate campaign, caught on tape at this restaurant in Beverly Hills saying she didn't use email because of investigations
24 - Favorite projectile to throw at serial sexual assaulter husband's head
25 - She has been nicknamed PIAPS - Pig in a _______
27 - Under oath, Hillary enjoys committing this
28 - Had aides raid this guy's office and take documents and computer when he was found dead in a park
29 - Utterly contemptible and vile defender who referred to pants-dropping victim Paula Jones and dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park
32 - Nickname of her black pantsuit is Ol' ______
34 - As a young attorney during Watergate, she prepared a fraudulent brief and tried to deny this to Richard Nixon
36 – Pervert husband gave porky intern LEAVES OF _____, the same book given to Hillary after their second date
37 - Last name of woman assaulted by husband in Oval Office
38 - ________ Guaranty cost the taxpayers 50 mil because she fought for and managed to keep the failing savings and loan in business

1 - First name of husband's rape victim, Jane Doe No. 5, who was bitten and told to “put some ice on that”
2 - Mistress of husband for 12 years, but he only admitted a one-nighter under oath, adding to his record of perjury
5 - Made sure Puerto Rican FALN terrorists got this from her husband to ingratiate herself with that voting bloc in New York
6 - Ass kissing weasel Lanny _____ has been all over the airwaves defending her criminal email activity
7 - Hired private _____________ to intimidate women into silence
10 - Safire called her this kind of liar
11 - Initials of the mythical group that has always been out to get her and her corrupt husband
13 - She admires and follows the playbook of this author's RULES FOR RADICALS
19 - Will never buy her pervert husband a cigar made by _______ Fuente
21 - FREE ________ is a conservative website she loathes and would love to shut down and follow up with a daisy cutter bomb dropped on Fresno, CA
22 – Enjoys making a spectacle of herself and getting _____ while partying overseas
25 - The device owned by taxpayers that she refuses to turn over to Congress
26 - Someone threatened to break this women's legs if she came forward in 1992 to tell her story about her affair with the governor of Arkansas
30 - Favorite saying while under oath is “I can’t ______”
31 - Lied to voters in New York that she was always a fan of this team
33 - With her husband, took a million bucks from Ng Lap ____, notorious Macau trafficker of women, including underage girls
35 - Congressman demanding production of documents in email scandal
36 – Jerome Zeifman, supervising attorney for the Democrats during Watergate, called Hillary a ____ and dishonest attorney

Hillary Promises ..."You can Keep Your Insurance and Your Doctor": [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

[link to www.freerepublic.com]

[link to www.freerepublic.com]

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