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03/20/2015 04:22 AM
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So sad how we are destroying this beautiful world.

I just took my horse for a swim at a place that is (used to be...)undoubtedly one of the most purest beautiful rainforest meets the reef places. A place so precious and beautiful.
The kind of place you dream of being- crystal clear water, rich rainforst, rocks that shimmer in the water like they have gold dust sprayed on them. Not to mention the wildlife and the most beautiful butterflies in the world.. Peaceful, clean. Straight out of a brochure

It didn't matter where I was around in world-I always dreamed of being back at this place, sitting in the clear river in the forest. It tore my heart out to see it now. People. Gosh its so sad. The piles of rubbish. The 4wd tracks that have destroyed the land around. Piles of rubbish, smashed glass. A dump.

Not just a little bit either- I mean just destroyed.
What the fuck! I have travelled so much and have seen majority of the 7 wonders and beautiful pockets of the world and this place is up there with the best. And its been treated like some third world dump.

I came back here for paradise. Be poor in paradise. Its so sad. It was so beautiful. Humans. God we got it wrong.

Sorry had to share this. We really are screwed.