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Message Subject Could you kill???
Poster Handle kk
Post Content
That's not a fair question to ask to those who haven't killed before.

If you haven't done it, the truth is, YOU DO NOT KNOW.

Everyone thinks they could, without question. But in reality, a good chunk of those people can't. Or at least hesitate long enough to make the question irrelevant as they lost their opportunity to protect/stop whatever.
 Quoting: KonspiracyKitty

^We had a few go "gun shy" in Iraq, "trained soldiers".

They got sent home.
 Quoting: NWOccupation

Do you think that would be more likely to happen to women?
 Quoting: kk 65502513

Women no different than men. all the same.
 Quoting: American Cowgirl

Not the last time I checked!

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