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Message Subject Could you kill???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Do not mean you should kill people just that we all have a lot of issues with a lot of folks and I am curious what it will take to make each of us s individuals to take action?
 Quoting: American Cowgirl

I could only bring myself to kill another being if that person was a threat to my family. Other than that. I don't have the psyche to harm someone
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29045400

I sit thinking how I wish only good for others. Truly and deeply want good. But I am often shocked by the realization of how quick that can change if the need arose. Thanks for your answer.
 Quoting: American Cowgirl

I think everyone wishes for the good of others. Its afterall human nature to be comfortable and at ease, especially with our fellow people. Its just that survival instinct within us that can make us switch on a dime. I have a wife and three year old son that I love deeply. And if the need arose to like you said. Then yes, heads will roll

Thank you for your time OP
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