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Russia, China Plan Joint Expedition to Mars- Samples Returned To Earth

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08/23/2006 09:58 PM
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Russia, China Plan Joint Expedition to Mars- Samples Returned To Earth
Hey, I saw that Mars movie. This might not be a good idea.

[link to www.mosnews.com]

Russia and China are planning a joint mission to Mars that will not only return samples to earth but also land on one of the red planetís tiny moons, a Chinese space scientist said.

Ye Peijian, a leading scientist with the Chinese Research Institute of Space Technology, made the announcement at an ongoing forum on Chinaís space technology development, Xinhua reports.

Ye said Russia will launch the spacecraft in 2009 and it will carry Chinese-made survey equipment. It will collect samples on Mars and the planetís nearest moon.

Sun Laiyan, administrator of the China National Space Administration said last month at an international space conference that China is actively planning its deep space exploration over the next five years, focusing on lunar and Mars exploration.
All of Lebanon will be liberated including Shebba Farms, along with Golan, and the West Bank, and Gaza.

Then Israel can have peace.