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Message Subject "The Border Crisis-The Real Impact Of Illegal Immigration Documentary"
Poster Handle zzcat
Post Content
I discovered this documentary by accident...Actually, I think it was NOT an accident.

I felt compelled to share this documentary.

Please take an hour of your time to watch...then, please share this film, if you too feel compelled to share.

This situation is taking us to a third world level on a fast track.

God Bless America


 Quoting: Jack Daphne

I can tell you first hand watching ca go from one if the best places to live to a s--thole. Dirty everywhere. Gangs galore. School assemblies in spanish. Running out of water. Moonbeam inviting even more in. They have no respect for our culture or ethics which is why their countries are s--t. Also if you look at a map south america is larger than the US. Africa is larger than the US. Asia and muslim areas are larger than the US so why are they all coming here?
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