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Message Subject "The Border Crisis-The Real Impact Of Illegal Immigration Documentary"
Poster Handle Jack Daphne
Post Content
Who could have thought that a situation would arise where the world's most advanced country could not just be stolen from its people, but be done so in one generation.

The parasite within has created a situation where it uses the host's own body to attack its own ability to fight invasion. While it tricks the host into fighting enemies purely in its own interest.

Am I the bad guy for seeing this, in all of its outright obviousness?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48101483

Well said!

Division, contention, diversion while they walk right in, try to eat the soul of this land, it's people.

But it ain't gonna happen.

The more we are in agreement, standing united, the faster we see the wind change.

United States, united people.

One million enter legally each year.
Good for them.

If a person can enter legally through the door of our country...WHY SNEAK IN????

Because those scoundrels have something to hide!! Perhaps their "criminal record???

I have always said the "allowing" illegals to do this freely is "on purpose" to initiate and create contention, diversion, division, illegal activity, planned illegal activities against We The People!

They only have disdain, contempt for this country and We The People.

Build the fucking wall!!!
Shoot the bastards!!!

I say begin today using prisoners to work guarding the border, in border buildings.
Guard posts like the North Korean do.

At that very same guard post, prisoners build the wall.

The thug trash that is entering into our country should be hung up by their thumbs and used for musket practice...Then leave them hanging so the illegals will see them. Like the pirates leave the bodies hanging.

The thugs have no scruples, no soul.
They are here to cause trouble!

Shoot them.

Remember the bandits in western movies?
There were NEVER "good bandits".

People sneaking in are bandits and should be tagged and referred to them as such!

Not " illegal aliens" bullshit!
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