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Message Subject No Medicaid or free Obamacare in state of Virginia! Even if u r very sick or dying.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am not a shill. I not nor have I even been a democrat. I am a hard core patriot, registered independant since 18, but voted republican, independant & libretarian.

I was a active, person, community volunteer, the lady who cared for & gave to others, drove peeps to food back when end of month out of food & barely gad money for gas to get to work. I was the Cubs scout, Boy Scout, Girl Scout leader, the chess club mom, FFA, 4h, class mom, pat, was running for school board when all this went down. I homeschool on top of the kids being in gifted program, as have 99th percentile IQs, but also aspergers, & some other issues. I was the house that had all the kids over & always had activities. I loved being a mom & put them first before myself always.

My health conditions were make worse thru all this stress, abuse, trauma, & I worked my ass of & gave 98% to attorneys until their demand for money exceeded my ability & I was left with nothing. So now have hard core ptsd. And miss my children dearly daily. I was a good loving mother & good wife. He was a beater, abuser, cheater, & I had discovered a porn exchange server in basement (innapropriate stuff on it) he threatened me, told me if I told he would kill me.. He got nervous & closed all bank accounts, stole everything out of house, etc.. I was left pennyless, possessionless, homeless. And what you find know is when you are vulnerable, people take advantage of you & rip you off.,

I worked my ass of on this farm. I grew my own food, canned, bartered, sold stuff at local market, had huge flock of chickens, sold eggs to a market, fed up old barn, & learned to do fences, & then rented out boarded horses, I repaired fields fences & sold hay, leased fields to people for their meat cattle, I bought & resold stuff on eBay, Craig's list & flea markets. I made things work. But it only just paid the bills. So never any savings. I shared the farm with a friend, who had similar things happen to them. They are moving out of state with family. We paid rent, all bills, never had anything cut off. But just got by.

And I didn't have an established network here because my family had only moved to this town a few yrs before. And all my family is dead. And when people hear of your marriage problems, or abuse you hid, they just shut you off. Or when I lived in the domestic violence shelter for 6 months & did the best I could, as attorneys kept saying don't worry you will get half, you will get support, we will get your things back, we will get you support payments. But I got nothing. Other side being paid a fortune kept playing games, delayed all my motions hearings, r stated needed to reschedule for a 2 day hearing, knowing there were no 2 day hearings open in the court schedule for 13 months.. They did this til I ran out of money, & could no longer pay my attorney. Yet my case is fully supported by law. But I was screwed. I then worked my but off trying to file things myself, but that went no better. So I was constantly defeated.. And it all takes a very big toll on a person, physically, mentally, spiritually. It destroys you.

And for that person said just get in car & move to another state. My children are here. My visits with them are all I live for. They are the only things that keep me fighting, getting up every morning in this hell. And I don't know or have a place in another state so not that easy.

I have been on glp since late 90s. Not always active as life was so busy.

I also get effected by all this more because I am a sensitive, intuit, and when centered as best I can be I can RV things.

I have been on here before & warned of things that did happen.

My shock at the fact that all these democrats think they are supporting something that works. It does not. This state does not have medicaid, & doesn't fully participate in Obamacare.

We hear all these lies about how succesful this bs NWO program is. We have heard how it is all lies. There success, & bs are as fake as hillary's Twitter & social media fans. Or that Reid was hurt in the wee hrs of New Years day on excersise equipment.
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You act like you are the OP but have a different id number.
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dynamic IPs ffs

how long have you done the netz?
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