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Message Subject No Medicaid or free Obamacare in state of Virginia! Even if u r very sick or dying.
Poster Handle BunBun
Post Content
go take a mattress, a blanket and a pillow, and go lay down outside the Governor's palace, with a sign saying 'do not disturb. homeless, broke and dying'

when people ALLOW people to simply wither away and die like this, that's the day your 'civilisation' is doomed
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68946723

Well, you have to be a welfare queen when you don't have an education and your husband deserts you. It's not easy.

I went to college for years off of pell grants and assistance from the Vocational Rehabilitation people. I am nutz, so it's not like that's not true, but I wasn't paying for it. Voc rehab was giving me 175.00 a month for gas to get to college. It helped a lot. There are community resources, but you have to know where to look, have the right diagnosis, and not have any shame about looking for handouts. Unfortunately, if you continue doing this, you do get and entitlement mindset and think that you deserve the handouts that you are getting plus more besides.

I remarried my ex-husband and it hasn't been easy, but he is taking care of me and I take care of the kids.

I have been trying to help her find a man, but when I tell her that she's definitely going to have to do laundry clean floors, she has a hissy. She says there's no way she can do that. I'm like, two weeks ago, you were at my house and we bagged 21 bags of leaves and lifted a bagger worth of roofing tiles into the trailer.

But, you know. Fibro attacks last 7 to 10 days and you can't really get off the couch.
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