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Message Subject No Medicaid or free Obamacare in state of Virginia! Even if u r very sick or dying.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the state I'm in didn't take Obamacare but is subsidizing itself. Check into Montana. It's working now on doing some extended Medicaid for the working poor who can't afford to get Obamacare like the great WalMart work "full time" 25 hours only a week so they don't have to help with Obamacare stuff. I know they have free medical any way, dental and I think mental zone on that sliding scale stuff. Once you got in the state you are a resident. There are some low income things for those unable to work seriously and not kidding waiting for disability and they get to stay for $25 a month which churches help with that. It's right beside the doctor, dental, mental so you could get to everything or them come to you. I noticed this add in a pretty place to go live in a haunted ghost town and gives you a place to live and food but is pretty 1800 style. But you could get into the medical system. [link to www.examiner.com]

I'd be changing states as if you die you aren't going to see your kids any way. Change states with the idea of getting well. Then figure it out from there.
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