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Message Subject ORMUS / Monatomic Gold / M-State / Elixir of life
Poster Handle Dufontaine
Post Content
I also found this text. People have claimed it was hoax, however, I'm not sure they have been looking at it in the proper context. If you understand that they are refering to the journey my making/taking White Powder Gold, then the message becomes clear.

The Alchemy of the Soul

This alchemical text is one of the oldest surviving alchemical manuscipts from the Egyptian Mystery schools and according to experts dates to around 26492150 B.C.

The water of skies can be used, for it as been through the highest purification there can be. The one that stands above us where all things happen in a powerful and infinite perfection that truly rises above earthly matters or even our own understanding before we are purified and capable of seeing everything as it really is.

A few Blessed ones have been walking among us, complete, throughout the ages, because the purified child coming out of their souls was considered wise enough to be embraced as son or daughter of the skies, who will now provide them all the help and answers they may need based upon the natural love between parents and children, which will lead them into even higher ways of knowledge as a circle that never end or truly begins.

To be a part of the highest circles the recipe shall be followed in detail, but be aware the laws of the highest kingdoms won't look upon your fortune or those with whom you are related. Be you a slave or a king, a musician or an artisan. Be naked before the sacred fire that burns without burning, that exists without consuming.

Know your rules mean nothing to all the things that created themselves permanently, because you are only a half of who you are. Until you are complete you will follow by need, the rules of man, until you are complete and start to follow the rules of everything else, that by its purity seems so simple to you although by its perfection is far beyond your judgement.

You may seek those white lords, upon their white realms, that stand between your world and the one of the gods, deciding by their own will when to stay, when to go. And yes, let me tell you their privilege is a rare gift upon this earth that guides them by the laws of the eternal creation. Their secret is no other than being children of the rain, being that water coming down from the sky only to return to it after. The circle that never breaks. No beginning. No end.

One step away from freedom though you shall be. Oh white lord, because among your learning about the nature of true things you have learned that their infinite permanence is nothing else but another stage of the way, the one that stands before becoming everything.

White Lords followers of the Supreme word of Amon who has chosen to be everything after creating himself forever. The red essence shall remain unknown for you until you become a follower of the form of Amon, for you shall know when reaching the white state all the answers to take you forward, therefore it is forbidden to speak of what you shall know when reaching the condition of knowing, or you would never wish to reach there. Having the knowledge is not being. The wise shall know it, the one who is not ready will turn back.
If you are looking for the White (word missing, presume it might be realm or kingdom by the last and only symbol) Know that first you will find it in your mind for the dwelling place of the shinning ones. It is not a door you can step in and out everyday.

The Journey starts, you cannot look back. If you look back you are not sure, if you not sure you cannot chose. Know that when you became a White one, you will see things on this earth, that are not there to reach the eye of the ordinary man.

You will see what you thought it was not (missing word, but almost sure it is - there - by the first symbol). Bind yourself with this illusion and you shall never cross the path of light. Believe the heart, more than the eyes, for the eyes, they follow reason and reason is based upon what ordinary men see; they do not see all that is there, so reason is in part a lie.

If you follow a lie you will never get to a true place. Mark my words apprentice, I have been there. In the dwelling-place of White Lords were the doors are opened to the stars, when they chose to open them, for they have transcended death, though are waiting still to be everything following the trace of the great Amon. Red shall be know as the heart, and you shall know what lays in there, follow it, this map usually never fails.

The circle of the water, of the rain, everything is hidden there and in the supreme golden. You shall hold the never ending circle in your hands of the water, of the water, let it be, the water knows what to do, it will give birth to the original blue, that you shall not see, let the white sand of the Gods stand in the middle. You shall find the sand of the gods within the Supreme Golden, ask for it and wait, do not fear, do not be unsure, change the red essence for the dark one of reason and nothing shall come out of it.

The white sand is food for time, offer it to both, and you shall be immortal, time will have is share, it will disappear and in return you shall see the door and it shall open for you. In the dwelling place of the starts without a noise, without a sound.

Follow the Great Serpent of water, that you shall see from the sky, until you see the three steps of the gods coming out of the water, there, in the middle there is the resting place of the supreme Amon on earth, the awaken lord, the one that never sleeps, whose mind never sleeps, whose heart shines forever. If you (missing word but believe it is- step) inside the cave, the temple, the answer to your search, know that you are far from the end, but the time you take to reach it, is a part of you. Be you the master of the change, time is a servant.

Know that for long, the golden lord has gone forward, left his shadow behind so that it could follow him if it wanted, so that he could be followed if it wanted.

Sons and daughters of Nuit who carry the shadow, to pass beyond the shrine of Amon the Supreme father. Hidden in the shadow there are the three gifts of Nuit the blessed mother, the three gifts of Amon the shining father and the one which is of men, the red of life.

Below the earth, inside the first temple of the first gift of Nuit, the blessed mother, you shall find the fountain for the miracle.

Below the earth, inside the (second?) temple of the second (gift?) of Nuit, the blessed mother, you shall find both serpent and egg and the precious gem for those who know the secret of leading the source to the receptacle.

Below the earth, inside the third (temple of the?) third gift of Nuit, (the blessed mother?) you (shall?) find and the strength to follow.

Above the earth, below the sky, inside the temple of men, the only one, the gift of men, you shall find the wish to follow and the beauty of following.

Above the sky, inside the first temple of the first gift of Amon, the shinning father, you shall find the word to heal and to put away all demons.

Above the sky, inside the second temple of the second gift of Amon, the shinning father, you shall find the knowledge behind the word.

Above the sky, inside the third temple of the third gift of Amon, the shinning father, you shall find the gate and the path after it.

When Re rises in the east, follow the path of the white lords, to the west.
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