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Message Subject ORMUS / Monatomic Gold / M-State / Elixir of life
Poster Handle Dufontaine
Post Content
Well, I have took WPG for almost a full year, and can tell you my own opinion. I did not develop a dependancy nor did I have any adverse reaction. Has my Consciousness altered any? Yes, but it could have been all of the reading, forgiveness and karma clean-up I was focussed on. Did I have more energy and less illness? Yes, but again could have been a result of my changes behaviour and outlook on life.

I cannot say that my life improved because of a substance or supplement or whatever you can call WPG as the sole reason. Did it help? Possibly. But I haven't taken it in over 3mos and I cannot tell the difference. My quest for the truth is still unquenched but my awareness of the Universe grows stronger everyday. If you've got the extra cash and want to try it out go for it. Keep a log or journal and find out yourself. I read alot of "testimonies" of the miracles, but the placebo affect could also be working overtime.
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