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Message Subject ORMUS / Monatomic Gold / M-State / Elixir of life
Poster Handle FightingSpirit
Post Content
***but don't you think that it is a search by them to replace their waning light/power, having been cut off from their god/light source?***

That's right!

***maybe it is the energy~light flowing through us that is the real~gold~ ? our dna is soooo much "faster" than mineral gold-vibratory wise. why go backwards?***

Yep!....And it is our LIGHT/LIFE FORCE or as they code word it "MONEY" that they need from us....BLOOD AND GOLD!....
Our BLOOD is their GOLD!

Why go backwards?...Because that is just what they are attempting to do..Hold back the future...Save their race at the expense of the human race...
Vampires do not like change..
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