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Message Subject Harmonics and Healing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another individual who has worked extensively in the coherence of the heart relative to a human being...it is quite involved but has credence to it.


Daniel Winter and his heart coherence team have found proof that human emotions can reprogram DNA as well.

The sonic beatings of the heart in rhythm with our feelings, our emotions, are transformed into electromagnetic energy in the body’s glands that act like piezoelectric couplers creating smaller electromagnetic counterpart wavelengths of the emotional sounds of the heart.

The emotion becomes energy in motion, e-motion, sending it right down to the DNA of every cell of our body as blue coherent laser light that is able to modulate the DNA codons just like the lasers of the Russians did.

On close examination from the top view of the DNA it has a dodecahedron shape.

It takes ten Phi spirals to create the dodecahedral helical shape of the DNA spiral.

The DNA molecule as a wave shape is attuned to the heart and able to receive its sonic emotions.

Daniel Winter explains the implosion of long waves into short waves as the mechanism that conveys the emotions of the heart to our DNA.

The scale (wavelength) is different but the ratio of the wavelengths is the same maintaining the Golden Mean ratio.

Not only do emotions feed our DNA with blue ultraviolet light, but also cellular metabolism, the consumption of food, is all about creating short wave blue light that feeds our DNA.

Plants receive this light directly from the Sun using chlorophyll in their leaves and use a process called photosynthesis to bind the photons of the Sun.

Animals consuming these plants get these bio photons indirectly from plants, the accumulation however has become less effective.

Eventually the coherent light of the Sun is stored as bio photons in the organism.

The purpose of the metabolisms in both plants and animals is to create highly coherent ultraviolet laser light inside the DNA that drives cell replication.

Many studies have revealed that there is a clear relation between our mental and emotional state and our health.

People who suffer from depression and negative emotions for long periods will eventually suffer damage to their physical health as well.

Have you noticed that the one who talks the most about a disease often is the one who eventually gets it?

Fear is a very negative emotion that does not benefit health.

Scientific studies have proven that no matter how well babies are fed, when they lack the caressing and loving touch of their mothers they could eventually die! The loving hugs of the mother are sent right down to the DNA of the baby!

Daniel Winter makes it abundantly clear that our emotions program our DNA and shape the immune system of our cells. Negative emotions destroy the coherence of the immune system while positive emotions enhance it. According to Winter the healthiest thing to do is to have as much bliss and ecstasy as possible in our lives since it is the healthiest emotion, which in the long run gives us longevity."
[link to www.soulsofdistortion.nl]

It has been proven that a specific spectrum of light initiates certain growth and patterns of development-seriously from plants to people...animals also-

as much as specific harmonics 'key' other things

a helpful site for some: [link to freedomfchs.com]

Take care
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