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Message Subject Harmonics and Healing
Poster Handle ShdwDncr nli
Post Content
More will start to understand this thread-and as they do, more will be healed-looking forward to it

Those who equate my info with "new age" are errant

For this is not to be confused with gurus and magical potions or DNA alterations or manipulations that man is dabbling with in labs the world over

or in DUMBs deep underground-

No this is tangible and pertains to the real nature of DNA-

DNA is where upgrades or downgrades take hold

Clean DNA is much stronger than mutated or damaged DNA

You can be sure, more resilient to the endless attacks throughout the environment or via RF(radio frequency)

RF is on the Electromagnetic spectrum, admittedly it is on the low energy side but that is not free of danger or causing damage

RF will become more incessant(man made) and it DOES generate HEAT

Weather manipulation has been admitted to as I have indicated it is happening

In their zeal to cure the world of so many grievances they act in ways they are not sure of, and I assure you most of the 'dabbling' is NOT helpful-

In fact, it demonstrates the weakness of their minds not all have weakened minds-

some have dismissed the TV/Idiot box/BOOBtube/Veggie Light/couch potato :burntv:

More are becoming aware of their inner divinity-and none too late if they gain understanding and overcome the malevolent forces against mankind

and they do exist-

I have been sparse at any forums-including this one

No need to wallow in the chaos as it unfolds the world over

-consuming many by 'fire'
-consuming many by 'water'

A Holy baptism for all whether they know it or not

-now for the earth and the ether...large body movements, great reaches of consciousness, and a rift man must face created by his own hand

a bite of the 'apple'as knowledge rises, so shall many who have knowledge aplenty but insufficient in wisdom-a sad state for all-those perceiving themselves as superior to the masses-making themselves their own god and trying to extend it over all others-even those not a party to such arrogance...

knowledge abused or misused is NOT wisdom or does it support life-
Because one CAN does not necessitate that they should-knowledge without wisdom is detrimental to all-many have rapid accumulation of facts or knowledge, but even fewer applying it as wisdom:

"Let us create man in our image after our likeness..."

Likely one has a mirror in the house

behold the hand

behold the nail

self correction is within-follow the wisdom laid out long ago-do you remember??? I do

BTW Anyone with DNA could actually play the DNA as notes and have a 'song' at the end...Literally, the codes transpose to musical chords...

What would your song sound like???

DNA is quite receptive-it is not locked into stone...although it is the foundation of the "Temple" it is responsive to "light"...and that is a large spectrum.

DNA is able to RELAX if one is 'at peace' within their own person-if one actively represents a giving nature-concerned for others-

Once it relaxes the surface area that can then manifest physically is increased, so most of the "junk DNA" is suddenly far from junk...it becomes manifested

sooner or later this will be commonly accepted-watch and see

copyright 2011
Take care in all ways knowing the truth from the deceptions-discern all
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