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Message Subject Harmonics and Healing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
about that time for many more...hopefully those truly seeking respite will be edified by much of this info-as it is rarely revealed to most-

If everyone were to understand the coil of the DNA as geneticists and scientists do it would be earth changing

Once peace is ascribed to within, the coiled DNA does uncoil, the more one is at peace within, the more the surface area is exposed and more traits can be realized

The "junk" DNA is NOT junk, in fact, it is the divine spectrum released-

One is ready for the truth or not-it still unveils...the spanse between heaven and earth is thinning...as it reveals to those with eyes-it is before all of us-and so few can see it-but focus on the chaos tptw try to escalate

the heart and the ear of a divine being entrain to one another-and the Schumann's resonance is increasing and that also entrains to the bodies on this globe

Seems most are afraid of what will be revealed-and those stuck in fear will find their fear revered and accosting them-

No fear, no surrender to corruption, no facades

it is as real as it ever was and those who hear me-hear the father-

Let the children of the Most High rejoice for our redemption reveals-as the serpent seeded hiss, the word of the Most High will be sought...and many will be deaf to shouts-others will hear within the silence a small voice and heed it well-for it will guide those who have thinking hearts-know it well, and it will carry many away to safety while the total breakdown invokes fear in most, the surefooted will find respite-where most can find NOTHING
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