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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Light of my Little Left Eye
Post Content
Interesting. I was talking to my ex last night about that very thing. I asked if he was happy and he said he was because he is constantly laughing. But when I poked him a little he went on a half an hour tirade about how fucked up the world and everyone in it is and how our species is likely coming to a close end and how there are too many people and how everyone is completely out of touch with reality. I think he would have kept going and going had I not eventually said, "but you're happy."

After that he was dead silent....

Also, while he was going on that tirade, I went totally altered state. I was seeing kaleidoscope in my mind and endless psychedelic tunnels and I had this warm fuzzy feeling and I was all stumbly. He has that effect on me sometimes.

He was saying the mystics are the worst of all the people in the world and as he was saying that I was having a profoundly mystical experience. Dangerously amusing when I think back on it.
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