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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Seer777
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Couldn't resist chuckle

She did not require a man to give her a sense of her own identity; rather this was rooted in her own womanliness."[71] Qualls also equated censuring sacred prostitution to demonize female sexuality and vitality. "In her temple, men and women came to find life and all that it had to offer in sensual pleasure and delight. But with the change in cultural values and the institutionalization of monotheism and patriarchy, the individual came to the House of God to prepare for death."[72]

This opinion is shared by several schools of modern paganism.[4][6] among them Wicca,[73] for whom sacred prostitution, independently from its historical backing, embodies the sacralization of sex and a celebration of the communion between female and male sexuality.[6] His practice is associated to spiritual healing and sex magic...

....in which she points out its value to challenge gender roles. "The idea of sacred prostitution is almost entirely incomprehensible to the modern imagination. It involved women having sex as an act of worship... The relationship between men and women in this ancient tradition is based on respect for the woman. She was seen as a powerful person."

[link to en.m.wikipedia.org (secure)]

Certainly has some valid points. Not in the way Manson took advantage of them in various ways, but wouldn't be the first time someone twisted things to their advantage. The demonization of women and sex certainly didnt do humanity any good - no more then the open promiscuity being promoted without any connection/joy/celebration within it - aside from the obvious physical side.

The poor girl just sounds like another victim of "God is punishing" routine so often trotted out, and an attempt to prove "I was right" after her passing.
"See the joy were experiencing! Oh, if only you had of been there!

...and I swear, the fish I caught was *this* big!"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76102887

lol. I have never seen that.

I see it as little more than another method of mind control to get women to willingly open their legs.

Seems things have changed these days but maybe that is all hype. STD rates are crazy high.
 Quoting: Seer777

I see various sides truthfully.

Starting around the 16th century BCE, Egyptian and Mesopotamian women enlisted the help of acacia (a type of tree) in their contraception efforts. Women mixed unripe acacia fruit with honey and ground dates.

[link to www.mentalfloss.com (secure)]

I believe dolphins are the only other species to have sex for "recreation". Sex itself has been considered many things - sacred, profane. Some call it dirty, others a thing of beauty. Guess it depends on the cultural background and what method of mind control was employed during the formative years - at least until individuals can make up their own mind at least...or another form of control. Each their own in that aspect - same with the opinion of just another method to "trick" women. Perhaps some see it as something they endure, and one can't help but wonder how that idea was formulated. Both males and females are capable of orgasm after all.
As for high rates...also speaks volumes on medical care - both personal and from the medical system
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76102887

I guess if that was the case I see it as 'deadly'. The AIDS scare, spooked me away from sex for the most part as a youth and adult. I see pornography as profane and do not view it.

Physical sex for a females is highly over rated and that is why women are paid for it and porn stars are called 'actresses'. Plus we get to deal with the mess and consequences.

I'm not saying women don't enjoy sex or intimacy. Don't get me wrong.

Orgasm is not the end all be all, of human sensation.

It is like a sneeze compared to tantra..but to get there takes a ton of personal discipline. Or maybe some are born with the potential. I'm still not sure on that aspect.
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