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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Sol-tari
Post Content
Is the illusion so much more comfortable than stark reality? Yes.

Will humans wither and die without belief in a meaning or reasoning to any of this?

Is it laziness or passing the buck to worship a 'leader' or messiah?

I notice the males claimants like going by some version of 'father'..

Is it the devious taking advantage of the gullible? Or do they really believe they are divine? And why would anyone believe them?

Are messiahs and saints the same?

I recall AGC saying all the saints were possessed and that is how they performed their miracles..

Also, the in exorcism is it usually the Holy Spirit that is ousted and leaves a hole for any spirit to haunt.

Does asceticism lead to activation? Or possession?

 Quoting: Seer777


Depends on the human - we are homo sapiens after all.

I believe so. Having someone to "look up to" is one thing. Worship and placing yourself in a servile position another.

Probably some of columns A and B. Being in the aforementioned servile position alleviates from the "sapien" part.

What is possession? The word automatically conjurers images of devils controlling humans - eg The exorcist - for most I imagine given their upbringing/education. But does it necessarily have to only equate to negative interactions? Different cultures view it differently and have utterly different descriptions - some of which are extremely positive. A mingling of energies/essences of those from different realms, communication and interaction...long list. Perhaps it is what the person in question is open to...or allows in
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