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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Times Futurama freakishly predicted the future

Was Futurama a-head of the curve on celebrity immortality?

Even though Futurama takes place in the 31st century, most of the prominent celebrities in that world are the same ones we have today. However, in most cases, all that's left of them is their heads, which are kept alive in jars full of liquid. The sorts of people whose heads are deemed worthy of this highly indignant form of resurrection varies wildly from historical figures like Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln to 20th century celebs like Cindy Crawford and the Beastie Boys.

We might not have cracked the science of preserving heads in jars yet in our century, but through new advances in computer-generated imagery, we are fast approaching a world where celebrities never die.

[link to www.looper.com (secure)]
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