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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Is the knowledge of good and evil, direct experience?

Could be..

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

 Quoting: Seer777

Yes, that makes sense. Knowing is direct experience. Qualia is the viewpoint for that experience.

that's a cool pine apple you carved there.
 Quoting: callit

How do you understand red? Or apple? Or elephant just by glancing?


Thanks. Not my work but I admired it, right away.

It tells a secret.

One that is obvious when seen.
 Quoting: Seer777

It seems, seeing the color Red in comparison to other colors gives the experiencee... "qualia" the template of understanding.
Understanding the Apple is much more complex, involving our "5" senses as well as the understanding of all the properties of an apple as far it's organic lifecycle from trees to flowers to fruits to seeds and back to the trees. Also the philosophical or theological connotations...
As you just showed with that Rose carved apple, the abstract possibilities for organic art and the interpretative variabilities are, many... Apples are Deep.
Elephants, are Amazing! That's a never-ending story...

Yes. An admirable picture in many ways.

It seems to tell many secrets?

You just taught me about silience and qualia...

What's obvious for one is certainly not obvious to all.
What secret do you see?
 Quoting: callit

cool pic~

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