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Message Subject The VOID
Poster Handle callit
Post Content

Wow, that's a bit of drama alright. Good lookin out for the neighborhood!
cayenne seems like a really hot toddy...
 Quoting: callit

It was the shed of a house the block over. How he even caught a glimpse, was random luck or something else. He was the first to call the Fire Department.

I ran down there to make sure and ran back over here because we have a police officer that lives in the house behind us and I notified him in case he could get people there faster. He was in his bathrobe and me in my jammies, getting poured on as I we walked out together into the road so I could point it out to him.

We looked quite the pair. lol

I figured afterward it was a good time to try a hot toddy. It was much better than I thought it would be.
 Quoting: Seer777

Haha, good for him! It's random luck, which is always something else, it seems.
or something like that.
Reminds of my Dad saying, "I'd rather be lucky than good".
Growing up, that seemed so silly. What makes lucky better than good? Now I think, You must first be good now, then luck happens more frequently now.

Isn't that what all those people be saying?

Seems like quite the scene you had that night, and a good spirit afterwards, to observe things with a bit different light. GLP is kinda like that?
 Quoting: callit

My birthday ends in 3, 7s. Hence, my handle. Ive been asked if I'm lucky. I do not gamble or have any desire to do so. Maybe lucky in that sense.

Qualia is the explanatory gap.

I've had 2 more hot toddys since. Tasty and perfect in storms.
 Quoting: Seer777

hmmm...Maybe you're lucky all your life and didn't even know it.
My birthday ends in 078. Maybe that explains the propensity for "gambling" at times?

Yes, it seems the explanatory gap is that which allows the Truth to be bought and sold; politics, religion, technology, education, etc...
It used to be something i fought against. Now it seems necessary for the experience. IDK for sure.

It's nice to find pleasure in simple things as the storms roll.
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