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Message Subject Moon Landing hoax? Debunking the Debunkers?
Poster Handle BeSkeptical
Post Content
And now we are suddenly in a court of law?
Over a historical question?
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

Yes, that's exactly what courts do. The purpose of a court trial is to confirm or refute a historical allegation--e.g., whether person A murdered person B, or whether person C defrauded person D.

So for example, a jury in 1999 unanimously determined that Martin Luther King was assassinated by a government conspiracy.
[link to www.latimes.com (secure)]
Last year Jowers was declared liable in King’s death for having allegedly hired a Memphis police officer as part of a vast conspiracy to assassinate King. In finding that government agencies and unnamed others also were involved, the jury in the wrongful death case essentially accepted the plaintiffs’ argument that James Earl Ray was innocent.
You have no standing.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

Chuckle. The last refuge of a government liar is, "You have no standing." The politician or bureaucrat is essentially telling the taxpayer, "It's none of your business how we spent your $billions." "It's none of your business whether we are lying to the public, falsifying the historical record, and subverting science."
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