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Message Subject Moon Landing hoax? Debunking the Debunkers?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Like 114992 said.

There is so much wrong with that piece of deliberate deception by Sibrel that it's hard to know where to start.

First, he claims that it is sooper sekrit footage that was not meant to be released to the public. This is incorrect. It was available on video many years before Sibrel ever 'found' it. Fully half of it was BROADCAST LIVE during the Apollo 11 flight! The Spacecraft Films DVD, for example, has the full length of footage, so you can see it whole, rather than the small amount Sibrel shows you complete with narration telling you what he wants you to see.

Second, he claims that they are putting a transparency over the window to make the Earth look smaller so it appears they are en route to the Moon instead of (Sibrel claims) low Earth orbit. Here's a clue: Atlantis will (hopefully) be launching to the ISS tomorrow. There are several lengthy spacewalks planned, which will be carried live on NASA TV. Watch it, and see how fast the Earth scrolls by underneath the astronauts, which is to be expected when you are going around the Earth every 90 minutes. Then watch the Apollo 11 footage again and notice the static Earth view, which is to be expected if you are moving away from the Earth on the way to the Moon. They are so obviously not in LEO that it is laughable.

For a comprehensive trashing of Sibrel's claims, check out: [link to www.clavius.org]
 Quoting: Barls Knarkley 28648

none of that matters if they faked the footage--everything can be faked. The real question is why did they tape over the original footage AND lose the technology to go to the moon?

sounds like there is something rotten going on... the reality is, if the moon landings were fake, the truth would be put out and has been out since its inception, in different forms, because those are the spiritual rules: the truth is always put out and tptb always need our agreement, on some level...

If the moon landings were not fake, why has it been implied that they were for so long and why so much implicating it was fake?

And as always, ask: who benefits by the moon landing hoax? Watch Kubrick's "2001, Space Odyssey": clearly the idea that there is no God and that "aliens" evolved us, is the purpose of a fake moon landing...

now we have increased knowledge of DNA complexity and can surmise that evolution is another hoax, statistically-speaking...there has not been enough time for our genome to evolve and furthermore, it is in a constant state of decay, not improvement.
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