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Message Subject Moon Landing hoax? Debunking the Debunkers?
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content
Saturday Afternoon Drive-by.

You should watch too halcyon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74390592

You think that's new?
Percy and Bennett have been peddling that crap for decades.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74390592


That Halcyon is a full on shill.

He’s assigned to try to keep the hoax going.

This too is sad.
 Quoting: Fake Halcyon Dayz

For once in your life try to a make an argument that isn't fallacious.
The only thing hoaxies need to do is provide evidence for their accusations.
But all they ever do is whine about the mean old PANs.
It's very telling...

Notice he only shows up for moon hoax threads.
 Quoting: Fake Halcyon Dayz

And another liar.
(Or an idiot who doesn't know how to use the search function.)

If you cannot tell that the "lunar background" (NOT what the rover is traveling on) is nothing backdrop wall for a set, you are blind as a bat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 65063649

Prove by "because I say so."

Not how it works among adults.

This is all psychobabble anyway.

How do you intend to deal with mountains of hard physical evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Men landed on the Moon?
For some reason hoaxies keep avoiding that.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

Im sorry but no matter what you think of the man , what he captured on film are facts, and no amount of character assassination of the fella can change whats is on film.
 Quoting: Florida Stevii 76792171

If everything captured on film was fact we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Not all is as it seems. Don't they teach media studies where you're from.

What he captured was such evidence of bizarre human behavior from men that should be ROCK solid sources for information regarding this epic journey they allegedly took... you cant refute it , no matter how many people you call out as sub intelligent... your entertaining in your approach tho I will give ya that.
 Quoting: Florida Stevii 76792171

Psychologist's Fallacy.

You are giving all the weight to your personal interpretation of behaviour of people you don't even know.
As if you are qualified to actual make such an assessment.
And no, watching 13,000 hours of TV drama does not give you a realistic perception of human behaviour.
While giving no weight at all to the physical evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Men landed on the Moon.

It doesn't matter that you think your neighbour is acting shifty.
You still need to prove that your claim that he murdered is wife is true.
Heck, you need to prove first that his wife is actually dead.

You can't.
You know you can't.
That's why you keep bringing up this nonsensical pseudo-evidence.
So you can pretend you are being rational about this.

i always like moon hoax threads so i check them onhere and in everyone of them this halcyon dayz guy just comes in calling eveyone liers its really suspicious to me.
 Quoting: Dutchie Coward 77962953

You can't win with kOOks.
If you say nothing they must be right.
If you say they are wrong they must be right.

Just fucking prove you are right already.
Oh, wait... You can't.

why do u waste ur time talking to moon hoax believers does it make u feel smart?it does right?u feel so good laughing at the screen,pathetic if u ask me.
 Quoting: Dutchie Coward 77962953

You have know idea how entertaining kOOks are.

either that or u get paid,to debunk.both make u an uber turd.
zielig mannetje...
 Quoting: Dutchie Coward 77962953

Aaaand another loser who just could not resist resorting to the Shill Gambit.
Really clever, how you expose yourself as yet another empty-headed loser.

why so few pics of astronuts on the moon with earth in the background?
 Quoting: Dutchie Coward 77962953

Because Earth is high up in the sky and they are imaging the Moon?

So, in your professional opinion as a photo-documentalist, HOW MANY images of Earth from the surface of the Moon should there be?

"The question should of course be: could the audiovisual record AS IT EXISTS be faked?
Experts say no."


OMG. All that typing just to finish with this gem. Goddamn.
 Quoting: Canatard 47752129

They do.

Or can you prove otherwise.
Doesn't the quote function work for you, or is using it beyond your intellectual capacity?
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