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Message Subject Moon Landing hoax? Debunking the Debunkers?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Photos and videos. That is all anyone needs to look at, to decide for themselves.

People like Halcyon DO NOT want you to look at the photos and videos. And I am not talking about flags waving or 'incorrect' shadows. With uneven terrain, shadows can do all kinds of thing. It isn't the right argument (because there is no way to prove the exact contours of the terrain).

But look at the 'Sun' in the Apollo footage. Look at the (lack of) lunar gravity. As soon as you look for those things, you CANNOT un-see the fakeness of the footage.

Then you start to see the backdrops.

Allegedly they used a remote control car to film the rover footage (I think the rover POV footage, not necessarily all the rover footage)!

Metal halide floodlights, remote control cars, all developed... What do you know. Right around the time of the Apollo Program!

The 'Sun' should appear as a 'Sunstar' in absolutely every picture taken, once outside the Earth's atmosphere. You can verify this by looking at photos of the Sun taken from low Earth orbit spacewalks. Apollo footage? Nope.

"While giving no weight at all to the physical evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Men landed on the Moon."

What physical evidence is this? Why does a MAN have to land on the Moon, in order for there to be physical evidence? The Soviets returned lunar soil (and rocks) to Earth, and they never claimed to have landed a cosmonaut on the Moon!
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