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Message Subject Moon Landing hoax? Debunking the Debunkers?
Poster Handle Florida Stevii
Post Content
Notice he only shows up for moon hoax threads.
—Halcyon Dayz

And another liar.
(Or an idiot who doesn't know how to use the search function.)
—Shillmeister Halcyon Dayz

“Just look at the threads I made!! I just created one 5 YEARS AGO!!!”
— Shillmeister Halcyon Dayz

You’re too damn lazy to even create a thread in 5 YEARS to at least make it SEEM like you’re not a low paid shill!!

God you suck at this!!!
 Quoting: Fake Halcyon Dayz

And yet another low-effort "I'm a loser" post by the fake.

The Shill Gambit bites losers in the ass for two reasons:
- First, it is just another claim you cannot prove. Like all your idiot claims.
- Second it DEMONSTRATES to the peanut gallery that once again you made a claim you know you cannot prove. Like all your claims.

Way to go, loser.

Other things things to look for are old image manipulation technics... in other words methods used to alter an image before the Photoshop days. Same methods used to insert special effects in the 70s as well... anyone remember the little squares around the ships etc in Star Wars before all the remasters?

As seen in the images here (in link) ...which can be found all over the internet...this site came up higher in the search for them, but show the same thing.

These are the common sense problems people have with images from.. Nasa has since fixed this in re_issues of the the said same images.

[link to www.express.co.uk (secure)]
 Quoting: Florida Stevii 76792171

Your own link debunks this nonsense.
Didn't you even read the article?

Hoaxies are the funny.
Do you really think that becoming a forensic photo-analist requiring training and certification is just a lark?

And then they wonder why people point and laugh at them.

I look at the media and the facts.
 Quoting: Florida Stevii 76792171

But you don't know any facts.

a u l I s. Com

Hahahahaha aha

Learn something today.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74390592


Do you at least get a commission, or are you promoting those frauds for free?

Do they still feature Jack White, the most inept photo-analist in human history?
Only educational in the comedic edutainment sense.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

Haha you walked right into it...I was chumming you Obviously. They are what is known as “rag mags”. They publish anything they want to publish without any concern about whether or not the things they publish are factual, gossip or completely untrue.

You spend pages saying this or that is bunk or hoaxies as if its gospel (if it) goes against your position signaling.

but if it supports your position your OK with a known Faux reporting mechanism... confirmation bias 101.

Keep the hits coming hf
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