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Subject The Head of the Russian GRU accuses US and allies of creating the transnational “Islamist” terrorist network
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Head of the GRU accuses US and allies of creating the transnational “Islamist” terrorist network

May 22, 2015

Dear friends,

I am posting today the speech of Colonel-General Igor Sergun, Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia. To say that his man, or the GRU is secretive would be an understatement. Almost all the information publicly available about Sergun is in the short biography (researched by Scott) which I have placed at the end of this post. As a general rule, the GRU never makes a public statement, nor does the person heading it. It is thus interesting that on one of the very few occasions were General Sergun agreed to speak in public, he chose to focus on the risks of the so-called “Islamic” extremism and that in a relatively short presentation, he made four reference to the fact that these “Islamic” terrorists are basically a creature of the West. One might be tempted to say “nothing new here, we all know that” – but that would be missing the point. The point is that the head of Russian military intelligence is openly declaring that the so-called “Islamic terrorism” is not an original or indigenous phenomenon, but an instrument in the toolset of western imperialism which is used to subvert the countries which dare oppose the worldwide hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire.

The Saker

Translated by Shed

of the Head of the Main Directorate of the General Staff
at the IV Moscow Conference on International Security
devoted to: “Global Security: Radical Transformation
or Creation of New Rules for the Game?”
(April 16, 2015 г.)
The subject:
“Hot Points” of the Global Fight with Terrorism “

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of the most dangerous challenges of the current times is presented by the international terrorism, which is rapidly acquiring a political nature and is being turned into a real force, striving to come to power in certain countries.

We are witnessing a steady trend towards globalization of activities of extremist organizations. This includes a wide geographic spread, strengthening of the interaction between previously disparate groups, as well as swift adaptation to situational changes.

more: [link to thesaker.is]
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