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Message Subject MOST ACCURATE EARTHQUAKE PREDICTOR ON THE PLANET once again HITS the EXACT DATE of M7.8 to M8.5 QUAKE IN JAPAN!!! Also connected to JADE HELM???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But wouldn't the government have assassinated you for revealing such leet hax info? Omg you can predict earthquakes...

Why isn't mainstream media covering your amazing discovery?

What's your real name? People want to know what the fake calls himself.

You seem to favor your timestamps for proof.

Could you provide some of the posts you've deleted off YouTube, Facebook and GLP that challenge and disprove your claims?

Surely you'd like to address these head on, perhaps in a radio show? Let me know, I'll set it up.

Until then, keep deleting. Its the american way. If my post is gone I'll know your a fake
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