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Message Subject MOST ACCURATE EARTHQUAKE PREDICTOR ON THE PLANET once again HITS the EXACT DATE of M7.8 to M8.5 QUAKE IN JAPAN!!! Also connected to JADE HELM???
Poster Handle Bridge of Sighs
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OP gave me red karma for daring to say the thread is a trainwreck lol funny thing is I was referring to the direction of the thread. Thanks, though!
 Quoting: DenizenOfHell

Kind of off topic, i was thinking since we're kind of floating on a lake of fire, we're kind of like denizens of it. Like for real, living on hell islands that we call home.

Lets face it we did not invent weapons, nature did first, we copied. State of perpetual war in nature was on going way before us.

Would we too be claimed by the lake? Sorry just a thought.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 69399133

This notion is closer to the truth than you know my friend. What if the serpent wrapped around the tree of life was really just water? And what if the hell below us was really just the liquid mantle? Much to debate here it seems....

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