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Update on Wally World Fence

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 68592395
United States
06/16/2015 04:39 PM
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Update on Wally World Fence
Just an update on the thread I posted below. I went into Wally World and asked them what the fence was for. The Cashier said "oh they are putting in a gas station." Sounds legit. So I called Murphy USA the oil company that partners with Wal-Mart and inquired and posed as a "supplier" and asked when the ground breaking was. The lady replied "oh we have changed the date on that and you will have to contact our corporate office." Ill keep you posted if the fenced in area changes.


New Fenced in Area at Wally World
Went to Wally World and saw they had just put up a new fenced in area around one of the parking lots..

[link to i61.tinypic.com]

[link to i61.tinypic.com]