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Subject Been having weird war dreams recently. Plus, more people coming to me for food...
Poster Handle TheBiss
Post Content
The past few weeks I've had some crazy dreams.

Dream 1: I'm at a Boy Scout camp (Be prepared) in the leader's lodge. The main room has a large picture window overlooking the valley, small mountain range in the distance, and mid-sized city beyond. It's night and I look up to see several missiles flying low through the clouds. (Looks like the SCUDs I saw during ODS in 1991). They fly towards the horizon and then pinpricks of light illuminate the city, erupting quickly into 3 mushroom clouds. "I gotta get out of here!" and I wake up.

Dream 2: Wife and I are bugging out down a mountain road that runs along side a creek. A group of jets (not American, looks like a European Alpha jet) fly the valley when one is hit by AAA coming from the mountainside. It comes crashing down into the creek as we pass by on the road, breaking off a front landing gear. A group of people descend on the plane, kill the pilot and strip the metal off the body.

Dream 3: In a shopping mall when a massive flood hits. I manage to make it to the rooftop as the foundation of the mall start to undermine from water erosion.


For the past five years, I've been in the bulk food business. The past two months, more and more people have been coming to me to quietly talk with them about long term food storage solutions. Last time this happened was in late 2011 when folks were filling their larder for a perceived 2012 catastrophe.

I even have friends who I haven't talked to in a few years dropping by the store to chat about this and that, and oh BTW how much would it cost me to put aside 2-3 months of food for my family?
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