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Sowing in the Past and Reaping in the Present

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09/11/2006 01:46 AM
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Sowing in the Past and Reaping in the Present
Sowing in the Past and
Reaping in The Present

Cause and effect is another way of saying sowing and reaping. Sowing and reaping is talked about a lot in Gnostic and Biblical texts. Jesus used this metaphor extensively. The reason that so many acts of violence appear random is because the observer is only seeing the reaping and was not present for the sowing.

Are there really any innocent victims? This is the term applied to those who are seemingly minding their own business and then swept up in a maelstrom of violence. This is the common human view but how can beings who only live 70 years know what went on 100 years or 1,000 years ago in previous lifetimes?

This is a physical world, where every seed teaches that you get back in kind what you plant. If one plants weed seeds, they get back a field of useless, plants not able to nourish or supply anything good, however if one is not present to see the planting, they cannot grasp why such reaping is occurring.

The reason so many of the ancient sacred texts and traditions describe a time of unprecedented violence in what it calls, the last days, is because it is the end of the opportunities for paying back the karmic debt. When these days end, time itself will cease.

The violence we are seeing and will see is the outworking of untold karmic situations, and is the result of this natural process, called cause and effect. A human is both the cause and the effect of his own karma, but spread out over many lifetimes, playing different roles to work out this debt.
Ignorance of this law is no excuse, and this ignorance, has kept humanity tied to the reincarnation cycle on this earth for thousands of years. Each time the life in over, the soul cannot be released until it pays back or justifies this debt, and each time, it forgets its past.

Do I suggest that those who commit violence are the instruments of karmic payback? Such individuals always have free will and are not bound to commit any act of violence. However, because of not knowing their connection to one another, there has never been a lack of those who will gladly give in to their base nature and lower mind. So the situation is provided, for the scales to equal out, and if not at this time, then at sometime in the future, that debt will be repaid.

Christians have not been taught reincarnation, but that knowledge expands and deepens the appreciation for the enormous debt balanced and the pattern provided, by the one called Christ.

The universe carries out precise justice that no human can know or understand, and to see only the result and then judge the One Infinite One as being unjust has been the mistake of every generation not understanding karmic debt.

Not everyone on earth right now has karmic debt. There are many assistants, starseeds, wanderers and souls from higher dimensions here to assist in this time of transition on earth. These are strictly volunteers who have and offered their services at this important juncture in human history. By in large this group has no karmic debt since they are serving out of love. Their services are very much needed to balance out the negative energy being released from all this karmic debt paying.

This is not a time to sit and judge the world as deserving what it gets. To do so would be callus and would display a lack of love and compassion. When a child puts his hand on a hot stove and he cries, he is learning from the pain, and its not a time for smiling and feasting, but a time to accept that all things happen for the everlasting good of all souls and that all souls are deeply loved.

This is the way the Universal Father and Mother correct the course of their children and with total fairness and justice, they allow consequences to come upon their children. Each one can mitigate their debt and wipe it clean by forgiveness of others debts and by holding nothing but acceptance for what is.

The Christ pattern was provided two thousand years ago, but the pattern was obscured by religion, and stripped of its effectiveness by human intervention. One of the ways it did that was to effectively wipe out the teaching of reincarnation.

The only hope of having a clean slate is ask forgiveness of the One Infinite and began loving instead of hating. To replace destructive thoughts with constructive ones and compassion instead of smugness and revenge. Instead of repeating errors against neighbors and then asking forgiveness, to make the effort not to offend at all and not to sow seeds in the first place.

Christ did not come as a haughty religious scholar, he came in humility and lowliness of station and often was in the company of those looked down upon by accepted society. He did not come the way many expected, and he did not follow the traditions around him. A good reading of the gnostic gospels reveals a real man, not an icon. The pattern he left is important for this time especially, for this is the last part of the cycle, and the time for either repayment or redeeming oneself. Holding the thought of the highest good for all, is love in the most perfect sense, for it does not ask for justice to be avoided but asks for justice to be done. It trusts that the One Infinite will not make a mistake in carrying it out, knowing that someone would not be reaping now, if somewhere along the long line of lives, they had not sewn seeds of offense against their brother.