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The Fountain of Youth

Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/29/2015 01:44 PM
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The Fountain of Youth


The Fountain of Youth

Message 2.

A continuation from message 1. (Citation For Message 1. Titled: The Truth is Always Stranger Than Fiction. Click weblink Thread: The Truth Is Always Stranger Than Fiction [edition 2]

Title of this Message: The Fountain of Youth

June 29, 2015

My name is Fortune and I am a member of the Vegan Elite.

I was never born.

The truth is always stranger than fiction.

I am a professional time traveler and I appeared on earth's hologram matrix with an appearance of a 13 year old female human complete with an adopted family and all members of the adopted family have memory implants to think that the mother gave birth to me and that I am genetically related to the family members.

You may already know that all members of the human species have 144 DNA strands and the current technology on earth's hologram matrix is so inadequate that the technology can only detect 2 of the 144 DNA strands.

I have the physical appearance of a human being but I have 300 DNA strands which means I am a completely different species from human beings.

The Dragon species still exists on earth.

Translation: Dragons are real not myth. Dragons are real.

Last time I checked there were 8 Dragon tribes/clans/types. A few of the Dragon tribes are/were obsolete because of past treachery that the villainous Dragon tribes committed over the eons of existence. The remainder of the Dragon tribes are still loyal to Prime Creatress of All Existence. Prime Creatress of All Existence annihilates treacherous creatures frequently so I am not certain of the current numbers of loyal and obsolete traitorous Dragon tribes.

The reason I mention the Dragons is because there is one Dragon tribe that has performed a very important function for the human species. For eons, a Dragon tribe has safe guarded the ability for the human species to fly.

Translation: The human species has the innate ability to fly encoded in human species 144 DNA strands. When the human species is ready and the human species individual detoxifies the physical body, Prime Creatress of All Existence will restore the innate human species capability to fly.

Nefarious beings are tampering with the human species.

The human species has been polluted by the food they eat.

The food the human species individual eats is mostly alien in origin and thus mortally poisonous. Beef (cow), lamb (sheep) and pork (pig) are alien flesh and alien breast fluid secretions that contaminate the human food supply.

Translation: The cow, the pig, and the sheep are a few of the alien creatures originating from planet Nebiru. When the human species eats alien substances, the human DNA mutates and necrosis occurs in the body manifesting symptoms of allergies, cancer, aging and a trip to the morgue and burial in a coffin/urn also known as physical death.

Consequently, a human species individual will never reassume the capacity to fly while concurrently consuming alien flesh and alien breast fluid which mutates the RNA and DNA genes for flight. Please be advised, the contamination of alien flesh and alien breast fluid secretions extends further than the food supply into the beauty industry and medical industry. This conspiracy to cripple the human species includes prescription medication ingredients such as lactose, polyethylene glycol, magnesium stearate that does not specify plant origin and stearic acid that does not specify plant origin.

Alien breast fluid secretions (such as lactose) when consumed or even merely touched immediately contaminate the kidney and adrenal glands, traveling to the reproductive organs which store genetic DNA and the coccyx bone which stores the original 8 primordial cells of the body.

Anything containing caffeine is alien.

Yes, coffee and the tea plant are alien from planet Nebiru and for that reason caffeinated products abound in order to mortally pollute the human species. Caffeine is not the enemy, per say. Any self respecting villain knows that the best way to annihilate the enemy is cripple "command central" by contaminating a necessary item then giving it to the intended victim located inside "command central."

You may choose to research the earth cultures that have prohibitions on diet such as kosher and the Indian dietary rule not to eat cow flesh even though their curry has cow breast fluid sometimes as an ingredient. Research the Indian caste system and you will find there used to exist a vegan upper class, the ancient Brahmin. Study the dietary rules and soon you will see a pattern emerge of the purity of a food item and the physical appearance it induces.

The ability to fly will remain in human culture as mere myths such as Clark Kent the newspaper reporter who is Superman (published by DC Comics.) For, as long as the human species eats alien flesh, drinks alien breast fluid and eats alien plants that do not originate from planet earth, the human species DNA will remain inactive due to alien poisonous food contamination.

The human species body must become extremely acid again. Research baking soda's capacity to make the human body alkaline. Research carbonated beverages such as cola that have the capacity to make the human body acidic. Those of you suffering from acid intoxification suffer debilitating symptoms because you have coupled the acidic pH with alien flesh, alien breast fluid secretions, and alien plant material. An acidic body pH can be life enhancing when devoid of alien contamination.

Incidentally, the aliens have made attempts to warn earthlings that the human species food supply on earth is contaminated.

The crop circles that appear on earth contain messages from aliens. "Duh!" The reader may say to themselves.

But there is more.

I have attached the jelly fish crop circle to this message. I hope the website does not vanish.

Click here to see a crop circle/ crop glyph nicknamed the "jellyfish":

[link to i.telegraph.co.uk]

Crop circles are attempts on the part of extraterrestrials to communicate with the human species individual.

The crop circle nicknamed "jellyfish" is actually a coded message transmission to earthlings proclaiming an urgent warning to humanity.

The translation of the "jellyfish" crop circles is a warning from extraterrestrials stating that earth's food supply is contaminated.

The translation of the "jellyfish" crop circle cautions humanity that planet earth is infested with a form of mortally poisonous contamination named "nanotechnology" and another form of mortally poisonous contamination called "nano organisms."

I have attempted to attach an article (in PDF format) that describes how nanotechnology was first discovered using science technology.

(My attempt to attach a PDF failed on this web forum upload system.)

I marvel at how the pyramids of Egypt have endured for millennia yet a simple website vanishes preventing me from pasting the URL website. I can only upload the PDF since the website shutdown. My PDF is probably one of the only remaining electronic copies of the document which actually depicts photographs taken with an electron microscope. The photographs depict pieces nanotechnology .

The nanotechnology and nano organism are everywhere.


Nanotechnology and nano organisms are located in the drinking water supply, in the food supply, and in the soil. Nanotechnology and nano organisms are even located in television programming which infects a television viewer when a television viewer watches a television program such as pornography.


Recall that I mentioned the tactics of the self respecting villain.

The largest numbers of nanotechnology are found in alien origin foods such as the cow, sheep, the pig and caffeine plants like coffee and the tea plant. Sip on a Cinnamon Dolce Creme Frappuccino From Starbucks and you are swallowing squillions of nanotechnology particles. Unfortunately the same level of contamination applies to bathing in a lavender and rose bubble bath using water from the faucet.

The nanotechnology are micro factories and micro computers that contaminate and hijack body cells and infilitrate DNA.

This is my personal theory: The human body can disable the nanotechnology and nano organisms very easily. The human body can disable the nanotechnology and nano organisms when the pH of the entire physical body decreases to a level of vegan extreme acidosis. I believe that the fountain of youth will erupt when one embalms the body into a state of vegan acidosis and this extreme acidosis will eradicate the nanotechnology while simultaneously cleansing human DNA and RNA to restore human super powers. But that is just my conjecture/ theory based on forensic research.

Know this, the process of aging is merely the steady incline of pH in the body as the body ripens then rots by becoming alkaline. The newborn baby is acidic, the elderly man is alkaline.

The Adkins Diet is an attempt to use alien flesh to return the body to extreme acidosis. Is Mr. Adkins still alive?

There is a culture who today (June 29, 2015) is in the midst of a 30 day long fasting diet and by abstaining from food, the participants rejuvenate by converting from alkaline physical body back to an acid state of existence. The Muslims are currently observing Ramadan.

Coca cola brand soda is famous (infamous?) for being the most acidic food sold. Coca Cola Classic has a pH of 2.52 which means that it takes more than 32 glasses of water to neutralise the acid of a can of Coca Cola Classic. Drinking Coca Cola Classic is the closest a person get to drinking battery acid and still survive (Battery acid is approximately 0.8 in pH).

I invite the reader to research the way that the "Crazy Cola Diet" could be adapted to any brand name and any flavor of carbonated soda beverage. (Crazy Cola Diet click weblink [link to crazycoladiet.com] and [link to crazycoladiet.com]

I predict that an "any brand name soda diet" coupled with vegan ingredients and acid inducing mineral supplements can rapidly reduce the acidity of the entire body, detoxify and rejuvenate the human genome. Again, this "any brand name soda diet" is just my conjecture, unproven as of now but food for thought, nonetheless.

Alas! The human food supply is contaminated with nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is also concentrated at popular tourist sites such as the pyramids at Giza Egypt, and nanotechnology is concentrated in entire countries such as Ireland and South Africa.

I invite the reader to research legitimate old photographs of Johannesburg, South Africa and you will see images of yellow soil mountains rising in the city scape. The yellow dust blowing off of the adjacent mountains choke the air of the township of Soweto for example.

The "yellow dust mountains" are supposedly residues from gold digging.

In actuality, the yellow dust mountains are actually tons of nanotechnology in a pile, a landfill of nanotechnology per say. If someone were to study the soil of the yellow dust blowing off the mountains one would see nanotechnology similar to that depictedin the not-attached PDF document.

The South African government has been removing/dismantling the yellow dust mountains over the last 2 decades so a picture of Johannesburg city scape in 1950, 1960, 1970 and 1980 will have larger numbers of yellow dust mountains than a picture of Johannesburg in 2015.

But how does one discard nanotechnology? I dunno.

But I do know that Johannesburg is the epicenter of the root chakra for planet earth.

Yes, planets have chakras too. The ramifications of South Africa as the root chakra of earth is that this planet's root chakra has historically had mountains of yellow dust which is actually nanotechnology.

Nefarious beings invented nanotechnology thousands of years ago with the intended function of harvesting human species life force and subliminally mind controlling the human species.

Translation: Nanotechnology is just one of many life force extraction programs that transport human species life force to alien planets.

The extraterrestrials contructed the "jellyfish" crop circle to warn humanity that earth's food supply is killing the human species.

But that is not all.

The ENTIRE cosmos is infested with nanotechnology!

Translation: Even aliens living on alien planets are dying from the nanotechnology created by villainous beings. Even alien species on other planets live under subliminal mind control from nanotechnology located on their planet.

What is the siginificance of the "jellyfish" crop circle?

Why do the extraterrestrials warn humanity of the nanotechnology infiltration?

The answer is: if the Human species dies, ALL aliens automatically die.

I mentioned in my first message that the human species is the parent of ALL aliens. Kill the parent and the child automatically dies.

Ask an alien creature and the alien creature will describe how their species population is near extinction on their home planets because their has population dwindled. For the longest time, the aliens could not understand why they were dying on their home planets. Entire alien species vanished.

Then the aliens discovered that as the human species living on that far away planet called earth gets more and more poisoned, the human DNA mutates more and more and the aliens simultaneously perish on their home alien planet.

Translation: As the human species genome gets sicker and debilitated, the aliens become extinct on their home planets.

Nefarious beings know that the laws of voodoo stipulate the following: harm the parent and the child is first to suffer and die.

The reader may be wondering the following question: Why do nefarious beings target earth and tamper with earth?

The answer is very simple:

Prime Creatress of All Existence has lived on planet earth since the beginning of existence.

Translation: Prime Creatress of All Existence has a physical body AND Prime Creatress of All Existence's physical body lives on earth. Prime Creatress of All Existence is not amorphous. Prime Creatress of All Existence is physical just like the reader of this message.

Prime Creatress of All Existence created Earth first.

Translation: Earth is the oldest planet in existence.

Earth is, and always has been, the home of the physical embodiment of the Creatress of All Existence.

The nefarious beings are aware of the following: Pollute earth, kill earthlings and the rules of voodoo stipulate that you injure Prime Creatress of All Life.

How does the Super Villain maim Prime Creatress of All That Ever Was and Ever Will Be?

The Himalayan Mountains rose in one day.

Your earth science is incorrect regarding age of the Himalayas.

Nefarious beings created a calamity whose repercussions were instantaneous: Earth shuddered in pain, the Himalayas erupted skyward and by the end of the day millions of human species individuals had perished who had lived in the location of the Himalayas.

Atlantis was built in one day.

You guessed correctly: a nefarious being illegally built Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean in a single day. The landmass of Atlantis rose in one day and by the end of the day, the city buildings of Atlantis were fully constructed and operational.

Prime Creatress of All Life created the human species in what is now called South Africa. I already mentioned that South Africa is the epicenter of the root chakra of earth.

Historically, the township of Soweto in South Africa has been the geographic location of an invisible city located directly above Soweto. That invisible city is one of dozens of such invisible cities created by Prime Creatress of All Life located all over earth's hologram matrix. Recall that I described that yellow dust from an adjacent mountain blows all over Soweto? The yellow dust also blows all over the invisible city hovering above Soweto, such is the tactical planning of the villain.

If you cannot see the new constellation in the sky mentioned in my first message, then you may not be able to see the invisible cities located all over earth.

-------------------- End of Message 2. To Be Continued in Part 3--------------------

Optional Homework assignment for Part 3 of my message.

Optional Homework Part 1 of 2


Quote written by someone else:

Often times in the past I spoke to you about who and where you descended from, the original Supreme Beings, who bore woolly-hair nine ether, or 9 to the ninth power of 9 and had an olive green skin tone. These original deities possessed chlorophyll as the noticeable chemical. Many religions describe their gods as being green, like Krishna of the Hindus, he is depicted as being aqua marine. The Native Americans us the color topaz. The ancient Tamarean (Egyptian) deities Osiris and Isis are constantly drawn green. They say Isis is the bestower of life. Giver of her goods to the gods and giver of offerings to the spirits. She is a green goddess whose green color is liken unto the greeness of the Earth, the green vail between diety and man. The Esther of your bible, had a skin color that was green, greenish like the green of the myrtle. The real color of your skin is green not brown. Though you may say this sounds, crazy, you are brown because you have rusted.

Let me explain. You have taken in so many ions, and oxygen, which are poisoning your systems. This olive green skin tone you are lacking is because the melanin in your body is deficient of a vital molecule called magnesium. Many people think that melanin is suppose to make your skin color brown, however, it doesnít. Magnesium was lost from the melanin and that was when iron took its place. When you mix iron with water and oxygen, it rusts. This rusting color is you brown skin tone. Now it is no longer magnesium that is dominant, but the iron when mixed with water
and oxygen; both elements are essential to your life, and is what turns your skin color brown instead of green. Oxygen has now become toxic to your bodies. Believe it or not, the constant inhaling of oxygen to the system is poisonous. It has certain radioactive isotopes in it 14-0, 15-0, 19-0. You may not believe this, yet, if you do a little research you will find that it clears up many oddities about our present biochemistry. The NETERU, which is the Egyptian name for the ANUNNAQI, had an excellent balance of zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron in their blood streams to have green skin, copper would have to have been abundant in the blood. In other words their blood would had to have been more like chlorophyll, or even a gold color. The constant inhaling and processing of toxic oxygen and especially the content of CO2 in the air as it is, you are killing yourselves. You are speeding your life force, and you are bright and healthy looking, but you are aging more quicker than usual. We donít have enough zinc in our systems and this is why our sisters labor so much in childbirth; because of the lack of zinc. Iím not saying the color brown isnít a beautiful color, it is, but it still lacks something, and that lack is the color green, that chromatophore, that green, that magnesium, that gives you the chlorophyll base.

[link to www.theforbiddenknowledge.com]
End of quote

Optional Homework 2 of 2- this is optional, there will be no pop quiz I assure you.

Title is Starrgram 19 The Fountain of Youth click weblink [link to www.revelatorium.com]

The truth is always stranger than fiction.

Vegan Elite,


Overcoming mortal boundaries.

The vegan shall inherit the earth.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/29/2015 01:45 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/31/2017 10:47 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
[link to immortalitynow.biz]

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08/31/2017 11:21 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
Anonymous Coward
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08/31/2017 11:23 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
I am looking for the fountain of aging horribly fast.
Have you seen it?
We live in Idiocracy!!!!
Facts Matter

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08/31/2017 11:26 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
Dollar Deception: How Banks Secretly Create Money:
[link to www.webofdebt.com]

ALTERED GENES, TWISTED TRUTH: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public:
[link to www.amazon.com]

2028 End?
[link to 2028end.com]

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09/02/2017 05:08 AM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
There are doctors healing people of all kinds of diseases by lowering their ph. I suppose you would say it's because their bodies are not yet clean from nanotechnology?

Last Edited by Eductor on 09/02/2017 05:08 AM
Anonymous Coward
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09/02/2017 05:11 AM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
I really hate this tard
Anonymous Coward
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09/08/2017 02:27 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75457232

Anonymous Coward
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09/08/2017 02:32 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
actually its fruits and vegetables.clappa
a Dude, not THE Dude

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09/08/2017 02:37 PM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth
manson-nutter2 fullretard
Anonymous Coward
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10/16/2017 11:52 AM
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Re: The Fountain of Youth