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Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism

Daughter of Lebanon
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United States
09/12/2006 07:39 PM
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Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism
[link to www.counterpunch.org]
The Dream Philosophy of Paranoids
Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism


A central thesis of my book Beyond Chutzpah is that whenever Israel faces a public relations debacle its apologists sound the alarm that a "new anti-Semitism" is upon us. So, predictably, just after Israel faced another image problem due to its murderous destruction of Lebanon, a British all-party parliamentary group led by notorious Israel-firster Denis MacShane MP (Labor) released yet another report alleging a resurgence of anti-Semitism (Report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Antisemitism, September 2006). To judge by the witnesses (David Cesarani, Lord Janner, Oona King, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Melanie Phillips) and sources (MEMRI, Holocaust Education Trust) cited in the body of the report, much time and money could have been saved had it just been contracted out to the Israel Foreign Ministry. (The report's statement that "we received no evidence of the accusation of anti-Semitism being misused by mainstream British Jewish community organizations and leaders" perhaps speaks more to the selection of the witnesses than the reality.)

Read more at link.

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All of Lebanon will be liberated including Shebba Farms, along with Golan, and the West Bank, and Gaza.

Then Israel can have peace.
Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
09/12/2006 07:46 PM
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Re: Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism
I have reached the conclusion that Israel and the faux Hebrews squatting on the land are from the pits of hell. I'm not sure they are even human. Maybe Icke is right.