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just asked ft gordon enlisted about jade helm & firing on US citizens.....

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United States
07/11/2015 04:25 PM
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just asked ft gordon enlisted about jade helm & firing on US citizens.....
I live in Augusta, GA. That is where Ft. Gordon is located, well outside of Augusta. Anyway, there is a head shop/beer shop/hookah lounge downtown where I will get some heady beers from. The troops go to the hookah lounge on the weekends. At the register, two were in front of me. They have no clue about Jade Helm. I guess it is compartmentalization. I also asked both of them if they would fire on Americans. One said, "no" right away. The other waffled around claiming they would never be asked to do this. I challenged him. As he went to the hookah lounge, he mumbled something about he would if "we were fucking shit up"! I may go back there today after a few beers and ask some more. Dude running the register fully knew what I was doing and was suprsingly informed and former veteran. Any thoughts out there?
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