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Atlanta's NAACP targets Confederate flags and carving at Stone Mountain

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United States
07/15/2015 12:41 PM
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Atlanta's NAACP targets Confederate flags and carving at Stone Mountain
The debate rages on in Georgia over confederate symbols and whether they should remain or be removed for good.

Atlanta's NAACP is focusing their efforts on Stone Mountain Park, where the “stars and bars” fly on one side of the mountain.

On the other side is a memorial that has now sparked the latest controversy. Many see it as a work of art, but for others it’s a symbol of pain and hate.

“These gentlemen are really traitors,” says Richard Rose, president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP. He’s lobbied lawmakers to remove the confederate flag that flies on one side of Stone Mountain. Now he says he would like to see the carving on the side of the mountain depicting three Confederate generals to also be removed.

“It was always intended to celebrate the Confederacy and white supremacy,” said Rose.

Yet even Rose acknowledges it wouldn’t be easy to remove the image.

“Well that’s a toughie. To begin with, it is a work of art,” Rose said.
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