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Cascadia Megathrust faultline from California to Canada

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United States
07/15/2015 01:32 PM
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Cascadia Megathrust faultline from California to Canada

Escape on foot because roads will liquefy and start running when you hear dogs barking: Geographers offer advice on how to survive the earthquake predicted to obliterate the Pacific Northwest
Cascadia 'megathrust' faultline is 1,000km-long from California to Canada
It will clash with 700-square-mile plate in Pacific Ocean causing tsunami
Only way to escape is on foot as roads will 'liquefy', geographers say
Start running when you hear dogs barking, they will be reacting to the sound of compressional waves which humans cannot hear
Citizens will have 20 minutes to walk or run to higher ground.

Scientists have outlined their alarmingly unhelpful tips on how to survive the earthquake that will hit the Pacific Northwest.
The killer quake along Cascadia, a fault line which runs from Cape Mendocino, California, to Vancouver Island, Canada, is 72 years overdue, according to peer-reviewed studies.
The 'Big One' will hit when Juan de Fuca, a 700-mile chunk of the Pacific Ocean, slides under Canada and America, causing the entire coastal region to sink at least six feet.
When - not if - it arrives, it is unlikely the people of coastal Oregon, Washington and California will be able to escape.
But if they want to try, there are a few tips they should keep in mind.