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Message Subject Rebel Flag/Gay Flag/ Martin/ Zimmerman/Dylan and Black Sabbath
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
TPTB seed the popular culture with images and words that they want to impress on the collective consciousness in order to prepare the masses for their plans. When these words and images are incorporated into the subconscious, the masses are more malleable. They don't even really question what is going on most of the time.

So, I postulate that it is not impossible, or even improbable, that songs from the Kennedy era, like "A Hard Rain," were seeded with images and words that are just now coming into focus. That are just now about to become reality and make far more sense.

The Black Sabbath song tries to evoke the Bible, with words like psalms and talk of reading the signs, for these are both included in Scripture. But, because it's Black Sabbath, it's far more likely that they are referring to dark ceremonies.
Maybe Satan even told them what was to come, as far as he knew it. And the part about gathering the young around them for strength, sounds like human sacrifice, and also evokes the murals, which show dead children and babies.
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