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Message Subject Rebel Flag/Gay Flag/ Martin/ Zimmerman/Dylan and Black Sabbath
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, how about this.

In the murals the Soldier is wearing a gas mask, and it is apparent that the people are dying from poison in the atmosphere.

In the poem Lord Randall, the titled, wealthy Englishman, is poisoned by the woman he was going to ask to marry him.

Maybe that's a hint that the population will believe, or maybe it's true, that there will be a betrayal which will lead to their death. In other words, maybe the enemy is not who you think it will be. It's someone you believe you can trust. Your own government, maybe.

Or maybe, in light of recent events, white people will betray their own kind and oversee the destruction of their own race.

One more thing:

The people in power like to juxtapose opposites.

The Rainbow flag is not only the gay flag, it is also a New Age symbol, but the occultists believe it connects a person's soul to the devil. It is the flag of sodomites.

The flag of Northern Virginia is not only the white man's flag, it is also the flag of virgins. The title of the flag, containing the State Name Virginia, is a cognate of virgin.
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