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Sailing Through Life

Tree Hugger
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United States
09/14/2006 05:46 PM
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Sailing Through Life
Sailing Through Life

Be the wonder child existing in the moment, drinking in life, and slow it down so you can stand fully in the middle of life. Simplify your thinking so you donít over think.
Accept each moment that flows through you, as you flow through every moment. Call to you things that you love, but do not reject things that come to you that you do not love; you may need to see them.

Ships on the ocean desire to see the icebergs so they can correct course, and this is why your own ice burgs come floating to the top; so as not to be hidden and capsize the soul. Your radar are your feelings and intuitions, and sometimes nothing appears to the eyes but yet you know its there. Trust your eyes less and your feelings more.

Be grateful but thank the right benefactor.

Your sustenance does not derive from any performance on your part, nor from any other person, but from the fact that you are a child of Living Consciousness. But you must create your course to align with the pole star of your soul and make wise decisions.

It is when you forget that you are the synchronistic sailor, that your course becomes contrived. When you stop navigating by your intuition, you then lose your spontaneity and miss the joy of the cruise. Join yourself to other mariners on the sea of life who wish to sail beside you and you beside them.

Earth waters are but a test of ones navigational ability to sail on the eternal seas, and to learn how to steer by the stars, will enable you to return to the stars.

See life as just one leg of a seamless sojourn that extends into other dimensions. What you will see will astound you, then but first you must become the seasoned sailor of your own destiny. You must become the fearless undaunted one who trusts and knows safe harbors are within your own mind, not on any exotic location on earth.

That is the real wonder of this voyage, and that is the secret grotto, ones own center island of mind where after all the adventures, one can come home to this tranquil port and find Gods arms are open.
Circulator 38
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09/14/2006 07:32 PM
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Re: Sailing Through Life
I smile_hear FCN

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United Kingdom
09/14/2006 07:43 PM
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Re: Sailing Through Life
I like being patted on the head..
..goood boy!
I'm smarter than a rock
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United States
09/14/2006 08:04 PM
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Re: Sailing Through Life
Nice, Tree Hugger! And so-o-o true!


"LIFE is either a glorious adventure, or, it is NOTHING!" Helen Keller