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Message Subject So when is Trump going to speak out against the Bilderburgers,the Bohemian boys,the Skull and Bones guys
Poster Handle M1.618
Post Content
He isn't as he is in bed with them.
 Quoting: M1.618

controlled perhaps by a much greater force than old hair piece trump.

trumps wealth isn't even close to the 1% club
dr john coleman wrote a book , a few actually.
one is very good concerning this topic.
the council of 300.

thats more or less the 1% club.

keep in mind too.

the rothschilds dynasty is well over 500 trillion dollars.

thats some raseberry jam there.

add in the house of orange.

the dupont and rockefellers ,from the usa

add in a mexiacan or two, same for southern america

and definitely a chink family also, maybe two.

that club isnt that big at all.

think of it this way folks.

control money, and you control the world.

money bring power.
power brings you armies.

then it brings you whatever you like.

oh ya. have fun at the polls.

or the jew

yikes !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6865861

Another puppet with a new dance will seem to rule,


Unless there is revolution..,

Canada is similar, though the government lacks the infrastructure the US has established over the past decade & half or so.
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