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Subject Black Pope
Poster Handle CULatter
Post Content

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

The Black Pope

He will sell you a hole in the sky

And Make Sure you All Comply

Or you will dangle on the End of a Rope

For the Black Pope

The Prophet Said

That in the Book of Anti-Christ

Many will Lose their Lives

And Hope where their is No Hope

With the Black Pope

He Guards the Library of Secrets

The Ones that Can Free the Slaves from Slavery

And He Knows Exactly What the Truth is

As it's been Wrote

For the Black Pope

The Black Pope

Works for Isis, Horus, and Set

And Please Let's not Forget

You a Climbing a Slippery Slope

With the Black Pope

The Smoke says

Who will win the Prize

To carry on the Lies

So wait until the Cardinals Vote

For the White Pope

They guard the library of Secrets

The ones that could free the slaves from slavery

And they know exactly what the Truth is

And what's been wrote

For the Black Pope
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