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09/16/2006 10:04 AM
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Clifford Stone, a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant who had been part of UFO crash retrieval operations explains that the extraterrestrials are not hostile towards us. "Their purpose in being here is for scientific purposes and for humanitarian purposes." [9] Stone says that despite what NASA tells us we will have achieved interstellar travel by the end of the century (the twenty-first century). (This statement is supported by other Disclosure Project evidence relating to suppressed, advanced technologies.) But, "...if we do nothing to grow spiritually we will not achieve interstellar travel. They will stop us." He explains that if we attempt to engage in interstellar travel they will be forced to make themselves known in order to prevent us going into space as a threat. The concern is that unless we are properly informed, this contact would be on an unsuspecting population. "....there is some type of dialogue that is taking place between our visitors of all species...and the various governments." Stone says the extraterrestrials have been in contact with secret agencies within Governments of the world of countries who pose the greatest threat. Space faring nations represent the greatest threat to them.

There are other factors too, like monitoring nuclear activity and other activities on-planet that threaten this planet as well as the cosmic community, in ways we can't even imagine. "There is the biosphere that's been damaged. They are not coming here to repair that. They are coming here to see how we handle it"

Dan Morris, a retired Air Force career Master Sergeant who had a 'cosmic' top secret clearance explains, "Do you know why we stopped exploding nuclear weapons? We were ordered to do it by those ETs from Orion. Orion -... they said, 'Look, we won't let you destroy your planet, so we want you to stop all nuclear testing.' They had already stopped us from using weapons, and then they told us, 'No more nuclear testing.'...you saw the time [1952] they all showed up over Washington DC., and we sent our jets up after them, and every time the jets would go up, the UFOs would zap out, or they'd go to another dimension. The jets would come back to base and the UFOs would be back over Washington - scared the hell out of everyone in Washington -what are they going to do?" [10] Morris seems keen to point out that this was not a hostile act but rather a show of force necessary for laying down some cosmic law. "There is no proof that I have ever read in any document where unless they were attacked that they ever shot." [11] Disclosure Project witnesses like Morris tell that the extraterrestrials have been extremely restrained considering that extraterrestrial craft have been shot down.

Phillip Corso Jr. the son of Colonel Phillip Corso who wrote the book "Day After Roswell" reveals that while his father was senior commander of the Missile Battalion in 1957 and resting in a cave in a remote area he was approached by "'a form". Colonel Corso asked the visitor, "friend or foe". The response was "neither". The "creature" asked him to shut down his radars for a few minutes. Corso said, "what's in it for me?" and was told, "a new world if you can take it." [12] (Corso Senior is himself filmed in one documentary using the phrase, "a new age" rather than "a new world". This difference could be explained by the fact that this exchange between Corso and the "creature" was telepathic, something that Corso found disturbing.) This event occurred in the vicinity of the Roswell crash ten years on. According to Dan Morris, Roswell was the site of the only nuclear battalion in the world. The extraterrestrials were therefore interested, and it was discovered that radar interfered with their craft when they were travelling low and slow. This story suggests again that the concern of these extraterrestrials is to monitor and limit our technological development for the greater good and are in that sense, neutral towards us.

Retired United States Air Force Colonel Ross Dedrickson was responsible for maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapons stockpile for the Atomic Energy Commission and checking on the security of weapons. He explains that the extraterrestrials were "very much interested in the facilities that we were visiting...The idea of any explosion of a nuclear weapon in space by any Earth government was not acceptable to the extraterrestrials and that has been demonstrate over and over." [13] "..a couple of nuclear weapons that were sent into space were destroyed by the extraterrestrials." The concern was not just about nuclear weapons in space. "...there was one incident when we exploded a nuclear weapon over the Pacific and this was in about '61 I believe. The consternation that it caused [from the ETs] was because it shut out communications over the Pacific basin for a number of hours in which no radio transmission was available at any time. And this was very significant. And of course this was one that the extraterrestrials were really concerned about because it affected our ionosphere." [14]

The Plejarans warn about nuclear danger too. In 1975 Ptaah told Billy Meier, "The terrestrial scientists have committed a malicious crime on their own planet and its entire humanity. The changes imposed by the explosions have far-reaching significance and can have catastrophic effects. The magnetic poles of the north and south have already shifted considerably within recent years ...After the explosion of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atomic radiation spread rapidly and soon enveloped the entire Earth. The far greater danger of the specific elemental radiation released through these explosions, is a great riddle because they do not yet understand its nature and form. In particular, three main conditions for the continuation of life on Earth are influenced and damaged by the release of this elemental radiation...." [15]

COSMIC ALLIANCES - monitoring and limited involvement

The Pleadians say they are members of a cosmic alliance- a League of Nations...that extends far into the cosmos and to which many planetary systems belong. They all have an allegiance to the High Council in the Andromeda Galaxy. The notion of some kind of organisation and co-operation between those visiting and monitoring Earth now is one accepted by Steven Greer and his Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (a civilian research group which gave birth to the Disclosure Project). Greer provides no specifics but in 1991 CSETI compiled a list of conclusions drawn from it's work. This list only included conclusions for which CSETI had a high level of certainty.

CSETI concluded that these ET civilizations currently involved with us are "working in concert and not competitively, although there is some specialization in functions and activities for the various groups. This indicates that there exists an emerging or well established organisation for these groups." Their activities here include "observation, active monitoring and, if necessary, limitation of human space programs, particularly those directed towards the nationalistic colonization of space." CSETI found that the ET ultimate motives includes, "Preparatory activities for continued readiness in the event that intervention is required during a major world emergency such as a large-scale nuclear war...The minimum intervention necessary would be used, with the intention being the preservation of Earth as an inhabitable planet with adequate human resources remaining to sustain intelligent life here." [16] So again we hear that they're not going to pull our chestnuts out of the fire.

It's important to acknowledge here Dr Greer's assessment that the extraterrestrials are not hostile. This is a conclusion that has caused Greer to be a victim of savage attack from the UFOlogy community in particular. It is just as important to point out that this attack is largely based on current perceptions of extraterrestrial hostility, especially in the form of terrifying 'abductions'. But Greer's work is based not only on his own personal ET contact experiences and on research of mountains of previously classified government documentation. It is based on advice from numerous sources deep within the military that state the existence of trillion-dollar, black (unconstitutional) military projects that are hoaxing "ET" abductions. Greer's task is to demonstrate this hoax reality and to define the true nature of the ET contact we are experiencing now. As far as we can tell he has not attempted to describe the nature of ETs further afield in the Cosmos or further away in time. I want to reiterate that there is an important distinction between the aforementioned ancient ET "gods" (Hitler's puppet-masters) and those cosmic law enforcement officials whose protection we now enjoy. Much confusion results from a misunderstanding of this fact. Greer is countering the powerful disinformation campaign designed to justify further weaponisation of space. Dan Morris confirms, "Some would like for us to believe, and would like to develop the idea, that the aliens are our enemy now." According to Greer and many others this plan is well underway.


The Plejarans don't reveal their extensive knowledge about military operations, (although Meier has just recently related knowledge about America's secret attacks on Laos). But they have made a few comments about the dreaded, now Hollywoodised Men in Black! Ptaah told Billy in ...concerning the Plejarans uncovering of a scheme of falsification and substitution of some of Billy's photographs, that the Men in Black, "...have always had access to unfathomable resources - or what normal people or citizens, rather, would consider them to be." And in regard to the many assassination attempts on Billy, Ptaah explains "Truthfully, eleven of the fourteen assassination attempts can be traced back to the 'Men in Black".

The Disclosure Project provides evidence of rogue military operations with trillions of dollars at their disposal. Some witnesses testify that money for these unconstitutional projects comes both from taxes and from drug importation practised by the same black projects. These projects have developed anti-gravity devices, free energy devices and much, much more.

In relation to secret technologies based on the back engineering of extraterrestrial craft Moosebrugger writes, "Data provided by the Plejarans reveals that large numbers of flying objects of terrestrial origin exist in many countries. These objects have a variety of shapes and are not necessarily disk-shaped at all." Interestingly another hint is included in Moosebrugger's And Yet the Fly, in relation to free energy (something that has been developed to an advanced level in secret projects) a subject energetically and successfully pursued by the Disclosure Project and the related Space Energy Access Systems Inc. Moosebrugger lists what the Plejarans say is required urgently as a solution to the problem of environmental destruction. Included is, "The progressive closing down of all atomic power plants and increasing efforts to put energy sources to use which are not harmful to the environment (solar energy, free energy from space etc.)"[y]

Regarding physical spacecraft of Earthly origin Moosbrugger says, " These are nothing more than advanced development of the German and Canadian flying disks which were designed and partially tested as Hitler’s secret wonder weapons during World War II but were not ultimately used at the front. East of Leipzig in the vicinity of Prague, fundamental plans for the development of completely new flying machines were worked out in the BMW factory there and in Breslau, as well as in Vienna and other places. It eventually led to the construction of fireballs as well as flying disks (flying gyros) with a fantastic and unprecedented flight technology. The persons primarily involved in the basic research and further development of these machines were the Austrian natural scientist Viktor Schauberger (a genuine UFO contactee), the German experts and flight captains Miethe, Schriever and Habermohl, the Italian researcher Bellonzo, and many others. The disk-shaped spacecraft operated with conventional beam-powered propulsion systems or possibly, new types of propulsion systems."

" At the end of the war, all existent flying disks, as well as their instrumentation and construction plans were to be completely destroyed to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. This project was not carried out in its entirety. Some of the plans and instrumentation were intentionally (or unintentionally) overlooked during the elimination and promptly fell into the wrong hands. One possible explanation for this is that the occupying forces may have confiscated these valuable documents. Whether or not this was actually the case is beyond my knowledge. According to the Pleiadians, however, secret Nazi groups escaped to safety toward the end of World War II, acquired the confiscated material and continued to develop these new types of flying disks -- naturally under a strict oath of secrecy." [x]


Years ago the Plejarans issued various detailed, unequivocal warnings about the management of our environment, especially advising enforced birth control to address overpopulation. They also covered destruction of the ozone layer, nuclear danger, and other exploitation of the Earth. Some claims they made have subsequently and demonstrably been confirmed by Earth Scientists. Much more could be written about that here. But for now suffice to say it is the environmental degradation of Earth that is one of the prime reasons for the urgency of disclosure and the release of free energy technologies to help turn this disaster around.

ET VISITORS GOOD AND BAD and the truth about abductions

Although the evidence indicates that the alliance of extraterrestrials interacting with us now is benign and not hostile towards us, we are told that there are extraterrestrials who are barbarians. Clearly the Giza intelligences fit this description (as do many Earth humans!). Also there are different situations to ours further afield, which is one reason why we are warned not to head out into the cosmos with plans of conquest. However there is no justification for the hysteria that currently surrounds the topic of so-called abductions. We should also remember that since the following was written the Plejarans have apparently removed the Giza intelligences from this planet.

Semjase 's contact 2. of 1975 is best quoted exactly.

" 40. Frequently, beings from alien races have also come to your Earth and carried out their expeditions here.

41. They gathered various items that would serve their investigations.

42. And it will occasionally happen again that such beings come here and perform their studies.

43. They come from the most diverse worlds and systems.

44. They are often still new to space travel and perform their expeditions to expand their knowledge and understanding.

45. It can also happen that they unintentionally come into contact with Earth people and never return again.

46. They are not power hungry or the like because they are glad to finally have serenity and order in their own worlds.

47. It can happen also that they overpower some people from Earth, here and there, bring them into their beamships, examine them carefully with their instruments, and conduct a most detailed study of their anatomy.

48. Without exception, though, they let these human beings go again, for they do not wish to harm them.

49. They often are more humane beings than man on Earth.

50. But, unfortunately, there are some rather barbaric beings travelling through space also, who come to Earth here and there.

51. Many are power hungry and evil.

52. It can happen, that they kidnap and abduct human beings from Earth, as well as from planets in other systems, and bring them to their home planets.

53. These poor creatures then lead a life there as objects displayed in exhibitions or used for experiments.

54. Man on Earth and inhabitants of other worlds must be wary of these beings, for in their viciousness they often apply great force.

55. Feelings and other human traits and sentiments are often foreign to them; thus, a human life is nothing of value to them."

The following discussion between Ptaah and Billy reveals that (at least in '94) there were three alien races ("exterhumanoids") that have been present for a number of years. Two have had contact examinations with people but none has had real contact with humans otherwise. One lot has permanent bases here. Apparently there are non-'alien', human races too. (It's not clear to me yet how those terms are being applied. But I think in addition to these 'alien' or 'exterhumanoid' races there are human races more closely working with the Plejarans. However, neither groups are hostile towards us.) Importantly Ptaah said in that conversation that Earth/extraterrestrial hybrids are nonsense. Also that people are just as capable of lying during hypnosis as when fully conscious.

"The three groups, that is, the alien races, maintain no contacts, with the exception of those required for examination purposes, at which time terrestrial humans, plants and animals are, or rather were, contacted for such tests and examinations. However, this does not mean that the mass hysteria and mass psychoses by everyone who claims to have been abducted and examined by alien beings — even who claims to have been abducted and examined by alien beings — even impregnated — all stem from such experiences. Truthfully, only very few cases occasionally occur around the globe, ..."

(Greer seems to be of this view too.) As mentioned, Ptaah won't talk about military contact as he is not permitted and the topic of hoaxed abductions does not come up here. But he does explain more.

Billy says of abduction claims, "If these claims were true, it would mean that, allegedly, more than 3.5 million human beings on Earth have had examination contacts, and many women, particularly in North and South America, purportedly were impregnated. There are even some silly assertions that, as a result of these impregnations, children have been born who are half terrestrial and half extraterrestrial and are called hybrids."

Ptaah: "This is so much incredible nonsense. First of all, very few examination contact incidents were recorded in recent years and, secondly, no impregnations of Earth females by extraterrestrial intelligences have occurred. These so-called hybrids, of which irrational newspaper and magazine editors report, are nothing more than freaks and mutations of a purely terrestrial nature. They can be traced back to genetic defects caused by the parents or some diverse, very harmful environmental influences. Beyond the shadow of any doubt, however, I can confirm that, at the present time, no descendants live on Earth, or elsewhere on alien worlds, who were sired either with women from Earth and extraterrestrial men or extraterrestrial women and men from Earth." [17]


In 1995 the Plejarans officially left Earth and their project here. This prompted the following question from Billy."... what about your activity as Jshwjsh (god of wisdom) for Earth; is that redundant now that you have completed your task?

Ptaah: Certainly, for I must turn to other assignments now.

Billy: Too bad. So the Earth is without an Jshwjsh now.

Ptaah: That is not quite correct, for there still exist descendants of old "gods" who will make themselves heard. But I am only allowed to report about it to you confidentially, if you are interested." [18]

Ptaah explained "...our withdrawal from Earth is linked with the immediate future and related events, in which we are not allowed to interfere in any form so that we may protect and keep close reigns on the secret regarding our own culture and region where we live. This is tied in also with the fact that some matters are impending. On one hand, we were able to foresee them but, on the other hand, they are the reason for our withdrawal, while events that have been unfolding on Earth for several decades now were part of our assignments. We have fulfilled this task, along with the many others we were obligated to look after, and you have played a very important role in this scenario of making public, worldwide, the so-called UFO phenomenon, as terrestrials have labelled it.

Extraterrestrials will create a big flurry on Earth in the future when their interests concern other matters than excursions or expeditions. However, we are not at liberty to speak about the whys and wherefores, and neither are you, of course, for you know about all of these future events." [19]


Ptaah continues in the same meeting: "Now that we have withdrawn from Earth, I want to reiterate the issue, once again, that neither we Plejarans nor any of the allies within our federation are maintaining any contacts whatsoever with terrestrial human beings; neither in a physical nor a telepathic form. Indeed, such contacts have never existed except, however, for five particular individuals whose identity you already know, and who died several years ago. Not one of them ever publicized the knowledge he or she possessed. Yet, what we want to say though is that we do maintain impulse contacts with terrestrial scientists and others. We shall continue these contacts through appropriate devices, although the individuals involved have not nor will they ever know about the contacts in the future. These impulse contacts are determined by evolution and are guiding mankind toward the future, whereupon research and inventions will transpire, new knowledge will be gleaned, literary works in a futuristic form will be written, science fiction that will frequently be turned into motion pictures. You are the only person on Earth with whom we had and still maintain contact with in both physical and telepathic form --- except for those individuals whom you knew and who have since died.

Billy: What about other extraterrestrial intelligences since? Do any of those maintain contacts with terrestrials at this time? I mean with private people and the like, who have no connections with governments and the military, about which you are not permitted to speak.

Ptaah: This question must be answered with a definite 'no', for none of the three groups who are constantly or frequently on Earth, maintains any private or religious contacts with individuals on Earth, which can also be affirmed with absolute certainty. This also applies to the many extraterrestrial visitors who come to Earth for excursions, expeditions or whatever other reasons. The "examination" contacts are excluded, because we are not speaking about them since they are not contingent upon two-way contacts."


This is probably the most controversial part of the message the extraterrestrials have for us. Semjase told Billy in their first contact,

"Religion is only a primitive concoction by man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only spiritually weak life forms succumb. Bring this truth to light throughout the world and make it known to the people. This is an additional part of our mission.

If this does not happen, mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete spiritual darkness..." [20]


The Plejarans tell us that the man known as Jesus existed. He has erroneously been called Jesus, which literally means "Yahweh saves" - (saviour of Yahweh). The name Jmmanuel (one with godlike knowledge) is traced back to the Pleadian's forefathers. They have old picture of him which show differences in features to that on the shroud of Turin. Semjase drew a picture on the 31st of December 1975 that shows a stocky, large nosed man with cauliflower ears, not particularly beautiful in the conventional sense.

"A web of unequalled lies was manufactured around the person of Jmmanuel in order to erect a cult-religious power and unscrupulously enslave earthlings." [21]

"We know that you are aware of a secret old text whose originals were unfortunately destroyed through the carelessness of our delegate, your friend [Isa Rashid] who, regrettably, has failed through fear. Disseminate the translation of this text, for it is the only truly authentic one and free from lies.

We also know that you are writing a book on this text and on the real truth.

To us it seems to be the most important book ever written by a human being of your Earth, even though it will be harsh in its language and be met with hatred.

It finally offers the truth to the Earth humans, although it still contains some speculations.

It has the power to finally destroy the madness of religion within many people or cause them at least to seriously ponder these matters.

It is an extraordinarily good piece of work and you should make it available to other people." [22]


This is truly liberating and practical! It is spiritually uplifting and makes perfect sense. The Plejarans tell us we should think for ourselves, search for truth, use logic and knowledge in wisdom and follow Creational Laws. The following is what strikes me the most in these teachings presented both by Semjase and by Jmmanuel, the man known as Jesus. This teaching does away with total subservience to gods. Above god is Creation, and creational laws should be followed above all. In the Talmud Jmmanuel, Jmmanuel said of god, "He was immortal, ancient and of giant size like the celestial sons." "But god is a human being, like all the celestial sons and the terrestrial humans, except that he is vastly greater in consciousness that they are."

Not being dependent on faith in god makes way for searching for and discovering the power of one's own spirit. Jmmanuel said, "Pray therefore to the omnipotence of the spirit, in the knowledge that it's greatness and power are infinite," [23] His message is that the almighty power of the spirit always dwells within you. Ask and you shall receive.

However his teaching and the teaching of the Plejarans is that we must use logic. What a relief! Importantly "Judge not", becomes "Judge not falsely". This makes it acceptable to get on with the essential business of judging our leadership and our world correctly and thoroughly in the pursuit of truth and justice. Of course we are instructed to do this with wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps of particular relevance at this time of war and global deception is Jmmanuel’s warning, "Beware of those who forbid you access to wisdom and knowledge...." [24]

The following is from a 1987 instruction Quetzal gave to Billy called "What the Plejarans Wish for the Earth Humans",

"The earth human must change toward the good and positive through his own reason and grasp of responsibility, and thereby rehabilitate himself. Thus he must establish his own dimension and free himself from his self-demeaning service toward all his shortcomings and his false hopes and desires..."

And from Semjase's introduction to the spiritual teachings, 1975,

"Every human bears within him the entire kingdom of spirit, but it is covered and beaten with ignorance, errors, imperfection, evil, mistakes and restrictions of all sorts, which have to be changed into their opposites through the recognition and acceptance of truth.

The human must resolve and open all evils by developing abilities that are opposed to everything that is degenerated and which lead to a neutral balance.

The way of experiencing the spirit will be accelerated through the unfolding of conscious searching and the gathering of true knowledge, and this unfolding leads to the true and all encompassing, cosmic wisdom and love, based on the cognition that Creation is present within everything."

"The human can free himself from everything, and everything can be taken from him, except the creative consciousness, the spirit, the existence within his interior, this purely spiritual realm within him.

He may be robbed from all of his possessions and may be driven away from his home, but nobody may drive him away from his spiritual realm within his interior.

Thus, the human should be constantly aware of what is creative, without which he would not be able to draw a single breath, could grasp no thought, could not realize, see, hear or experience.

Therefore, the great sages of all times say: "The creative spirit is nearer to the human than his own breath."

"For only he who is one with the spirit can recognize and do good in the long run, because he has the possibilities of Creation within himself.

Nothing negative within the endless universe may touch and enslave him anymore."

These few pages are just a quick amalgam of what I have had time to learn or partly understand in the past 18 months or so. Please follow the links provided to get a more thorough, and more accurate picture of what the extraterrestrials are telling us now.

But first...What other practical action can we take to avert catastrophe? According to the Plejarans (and this is one of those Plejaran assertions that we have some difficulty with) there is one and only one correct and effective meditation in which to take part. As I understand it, this is because the negative force that we need to neutralise is so huge. We must have a type of meditation that generates such a great force of positive 'vibrations' that it must be co-ordinated by those with the greatest perspective. There is something important here to do with space and time, and also technology. I assume that these are workings of the quantum unified field that will make sense to us further down the track, but in the meantime are still mysterious to most of us. Needless to say, many peace activists will find this following advice too hard to take and yet, if what it says is true then the solution for peace is not beyond us. This should be very encouraging news.

(It's worth pointing out that - not unexpectedly - these people from other planets tend to use the language strangely. Perhaps to make a point, they qualify absolutes. For instance, "it's impossible for us, and even more impossible for you." Similarly, simplistic catch-all terms like "vibrations" are employed to describe very complex scientific concepts.)

On November 17th 1989 Ptaah explained to Billy,

"At this moment you have 3,406 peace meditation participants on Earth. And all of you included in this number may be proud of performing the one and only correct peace mediation, which will prompt those peace impulses within terrestrial people that slowly permit peace on Earth to become a reality—just as they have been stored in their storage record locations, from where they impact humans. Thereupon humans understand these impulses and are able to bring them to fruition. It is a fact that all other current efforts for peace on Earth, be they of a political, religious, fanatical or purportedly esoteric nature, have been just as ineffective as the attempts of those who purport to be mediums or other alleged contactees for spirits, saints or extraterrestrials and the like. Their efforts have been totally meaningless and futile, for each of them lacks the knowledge and the true potential to implement what must be done to awaken the necessary impulses within humans, and for them to utilize and make them effective. Furthermore, they lack the knowledge when the peace meditation must be conscientiously performed to turn this voluntary collaboration of our 3.5 billion co-assistants [extraterrestrials off-planet] into an immense vibratory force."

To quote from my own article, Human Evolution: it’s a fine Matter, "It should be clear why the non-material side of the extraterrestrial phenomenon has been obscured ... The suppression of the evidence of extraterrestrials has been not only to prevent knowledge of fossil fuel industry-threatening free energy systems and all that that implies. It's been to prevent knowledge of profound human capabilities that, once understood, would threaten the current power elite (including religious institutions) far more than would more solid physical technologies. "