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Subject Notice: Flying Over Pluto Simulation (Interesting thing I've noticed)
Poster Handle ChristianLight
Post Content

This is just a "simulation" aka pictures they've gathered together and made into a fake movie to make it look real.

So here is what I noticed..

Pluto is 5 times smaller than earth, so why is it they show the same fake convex image of the planet when flying over it like they do with the earth?

Just look at the video and look at the images from the ISS now imagine they spent a few years developing some HD imagary for pluto to make it look like the ISS produces for earth...

Notice anything? They used the same damn system to make the pluto video that they use on the ISS videos.

Pluto and the Earth are the same size on the screen with the same "curvature" on the edges..

lol wow.
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