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Subject Preppers: 4 Veggies that regrow in a week w/sunshine & water from kitchen scraps!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Use, Regrow, Repeat: 4 Vegetables that Regrow in One Week

Today: As proof that kitchen miracles so exist, here are four vegetables that regrow in one week with just water and sunshine.

Here are four vegetables that only need one week of water and sunshine to regrow to a point where you can use them. You should change the water when it gets cloudy, but otherwise, this method requires barely any effort. Just chop, regrow, repeat:

Romaine lettuce

Reserve about 3 inches of the butt of the lettuce. Place, bottom down, in a a cozy mug or bowl that will allow the lettuce to lean without falling over, will hold enough water to cover the bottom half of the lettuce, and will allow sunlight to reach the lettuce. Fill with water until the bottom half of the lettuce is submerged. Put the container in a sunny window. You should see growth by the next day, and you may even have enough to cook with in one week. What’s more, bok choy and celery can be regrown in a similar fashion.

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